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Cliff Totten July 25th, 2016 10:06 PM

FS5 - 12bit raw to 10bit ProRes samples?
I'm debating buying the FS5 raw upgrade but since it cant be returned I'm debating if the upgrade is really worth it. Yes, I know that taking that 12bit raw protocol with a Shogun and getting 10bit UHD ProRes is is fantastic from a color bit depth point of view. (especially with grading SLOG-3)

However, I have concerns about the upgrade being worth it from a "noise" point of view. Comparing the FS5 with the FS7 reveals image noise difference between the two cameras. Even though they share the same image sensor that "should" produce the same signal to noise ratio, it "seems" that Sony has tweaked down the FS5's internal codec to create the marketing separation that the required between these two models and protect the FS7.

So FS7 raw and FS5 raw....if they truly are "raw" data that is BEFORE any in-camera processing. (Like DeBayering, ISO/gain, gama curve and color processing)

If this is the case, than raw sensor data output between the FS7 and the FS7 should produce identical results.

Anyhoo....does anybody have and FS5 with the raw upgrade? If so, can you upload 15 seconds of ProRes with a SLOG-3 curve? Please leave ISO settings at the minimum 3200 ISO. (btw, it's a shame that 3200 is required. That's pretty damn high for a sensor that is not that clean.)

I'm particularly interested in noise in shadows. .



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