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Juan McFarland September 13th, 2018 11:57 PM

FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
I'm using the SELP 18-110 lens on a Sony PXW-FS7 camera.
The OSS switch on the lens barrel does not function. Is this normal?
The "SteadyShot" option via the camera menu is working. Steadyshot can only be turned on and off via the camera's menu.
SteadyShot cannot be turned on or off using the switch on the lens.

Running ver 4.1 firmware on mark I FS7 (original FS7)

Christopher Young September 14th, 2018 10:31 PM

Re: FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
I posted this elsewhere to the same question.

I don't have the 28-135 but I have the 18-110 and discussing this issue with other ops this is what I find and I'm pretty sure it applies to the 28-135.

Yes there is a VF icon if you have the SteadyShot display icon turned on in the VF menu. If it's on it will be a hand symbol 1/3rd the way down on the left VF margin that can indicate OFF or STD. If you have the Camera menu SteadyShot sub menu displayed in the viewfinder you will find by activating the SteadyShot function using an Assign button, assuming its assigned to a button, that the menu item will go from OFF to SteadySh and back again. The SteadyShot function can be turned OFF or ON and will function OFF or ON REGARDLESS of the SteadyShot switch position on the lens. Odd but that's the way it works. Well that's the case on my FS7. If it's not then my brain must be switching to some kind of smoother movement. At my age it's getting harder to tell!

EDIT: I believe the switch does function on some of the Sony A series APSC E-Mount cameras that don't have the same menu functions as the FS7.

Chris Young

Juan McFarland September 22nd, 2018 12:27 AM

Re: FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
Thanks for the info Chris!

Yep OSS works fine, just not via the physical switch. Only through the Sony menu.
I'll probably will assign a shortcut button to it.

Charles W. Hull December 4th, 2018 12:11 AM

Re: FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
I have a different question about the 18-110 and wonder if anyone has experience with this?

I use the 18-105 on my FS5. This lens is known for very high pincushion distortion, over 6%, but lens compensation takes it away so it not normally a problem. However I've been shooting RAW, and in this case lens compensation is always disabled, so I end up with excessive pincushion distortion. I've been shooting seascapes so the distortion is very often unacceptable.

The question, is the 18-110 more distortion free? I've been considering this lens anyway, but it wouldn't work for me if it is high distortion like the 18-105. I can't find any reviews for the 18-110 that report distortion data.

Christopher Young December 4th, 2018 07:37 AM

Re: FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
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Charles I have the 18-105 which as you say goes from pincushion to barrel distortion as you zoom if 'compensation' is turned off on the FS7. For LOG and RAW recording compensation has to be turned OFF.

I also have the 18-110 and no it does not suffer optical distortion when the compensation is turned OFF which allows the lens to be used in LOG whilst running LUTs and when recording RAW. If the 18-110 has compensation turned on it will not allow you to run a viewfinder LUT without burning that LUT into the recorded file. With compensation turned OFF you can select whether you wish to burn a viewfinder LUT into the recorded file or not.

There is a lot of confusion with this 18-110 as to how it works with and without compensation turned on or off. I can confirm that there is no optical difference in a recorded image with the compensation turned on or off when use with the FS7. In fact when you buy the lens there is an information slip supplied along with the operations manual. This is what it says, "To use this lens, select [Off] for [Distortion Comp.] on your camera."

To follow up on this I spoke to a senior, in fact the senior Sony tech rep here in Australia and he informed me of the following. In the case of the 18-110 on the FS7 the compensation correction only effects the camera's ability to record LOG or RAW. Whether the compensation correction is turned on or off it has no effect what so ever on the CA (Chroma Aberration) or 'Shading Corrections' as they still function fully. Which is good to know, not that I have seen any CA issues with the 18-110 whether the function is on or off. Subsequently I never have the compensation turned 'ON.' I can't guarantee this but to the best of my knowledge this is the case with the FS5 although I do not have any personal experience with the FS/18-110 combo.

It's getting a bit dated now since newer lenses have arrived on the scene but there is a listing of lenses from Sony that are compatible with the FS7 and FS5. Can be found here:

PXW-FS7 - Lens?Compatibility Information


Chris Young

Charles W. Hull December 4th, 2018 12:51 PM

Re: FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
Christopher, thanks, this is very useful. I expect the compensation function for the FS5 is similar to the FS7. I'll order the 18-110 today.

As a temporary solution with RAW for seascapes I'm using the SEL24105G. This lens is also known for high pincushion distortion when zoomed, at about half the 18-105, but it is full frame so with the smaller FS5 sensor the distortion is about half again; the final result is not great but acceptable.

Christopher Young December 5th, 2018 05:47 AM

Re: FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
As I say Charles I believe the situation is the same for the FS5 as it is for the FS7. Please though check that out thoroughly as I would hate for you to find out the info I posted doesn't apply to the FS5. As I say to the best of my knowledge it does but this info is hearsay. Caveat emptor being the operative expression here :)

Chris Young

Charles W. Hull December 8th, 2018 10:53 PM

Re: FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
[QUOTE=Christopher Young;1948159] ..... Please though check that out thoroughly .....

The SELP18110G arrived and I tried it on the FS5 today. It operates fine. It has only minor pincushion/barrel distortion across the zoom range, and unlike the 18-105, Lens Compensation works in the RAW mode with the 18-110 and removes this minor distortion. This solves my issue with the 18-105 when shooting RAW, and is certainly an overall nice upgrade to the 18-105 (big as the 18-110 is). Unfortunately I'm back from my trip shooting seascapes, but nevertheless will put this lens to good use.

Also, you can run a viewfinder LUT, with LOG to RAW with Lens Compensation on.

Concerning the original post about the OSS switch, the FS5 seems to operate the opposite of the FS7 for OSS. The Optical Steady Shot switch on the barrel of the lens turns OSS on and off, and the menu option for Steady Shot is greyed out. This is with Body PXW-FS5M2 Ver. 1.00, and LENS/MOUNT ADAPTER Ver. 02.

Christopher Young December 9th, 2018 01:54 AM

Re: FS7 + SELP 18-110. OSS switch non-functional?
Hmm! Good to here the update Charles. So the FS5 does work differently to the FS7... interesting? You learn something new everyday. Glad to here it is working for you though :)

Chris Young

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