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Tyge Floyd March 25th, 2009 06:37 PM

DIY XL dual receiver/Firestore bracket
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It's been said that necessity is the Mother of invention...

I need to mount two wireless receivers on my Canon XL-H1a. Most of the time I have one on the included bracket that goes on the back of the camera and one on the hot shoe. However, there are times when I need the hot shoe for lighting, so I always end up having a receiver dangling or taped to the mic or something, not exactly a good thing.
(Image 1 shows how I mounted receivers in the past.)

I've recently added a Firestore FS-C to my kit and things got a bit more cramped.
(Image 2 shows the old way I mounted receivers 2 receivers and the FS-C)

What put me over the edge was ordering a whole new set of mics, two sets actually. Since adding the FS-C I've had the one receiver that is mounted in the back attached with Velcro on the back side of the back bracket close to the battery.
(Image 3 shows also shows the old way I mounted 2 receivers and the FS-C)

My new receivers have the battery compartment in a place where I would have to totally remove the unit to replace batteries and the on/off switch was in a real bad spot. So I made a bracket to fix my problem. I hope someone else can use this to solve the same problem I had. Here's how I did it.

I went to my local Ace Hardware and purchased a piece of aluminum plate, it measured 4" x 10" x .032 thickness. I then cut about an inch off the length and bent the metal so that I had a U shaped bracket with 2" ears on each side. I drilled a hole in the middle of it that lined up with where the hole in the Canon bracket is, which is also where the mounting stud/screw goes through to secure my FS-C cradle. I rounded the corners off with a Dremel tool to prevent sharp edges from cutting things and painted it with some flat black spray paint.
(Image 4 shows the bracket)

I have Velcro attached to the Canon bracket so I added some to the back of the new bracket which will allow it to stay attached should I remove the FS-C and it also helps keep the bracket secure. I added some Velcro to the outside of the ears and also to the new Sony receivers. They are very secure and the battery compartments and on/off switches are easy to get to.
(Images 5, 6 and 7 show how it all went together)

The nice thing about this bracket is everything still fits in my Kata bag without having to remove it. All I have to do is unplug the firewire from the recorder and bend the receiver antennas forward a bit. It also adds a little weight to the back of the camera which really helps balance the front heavy XL. Total cost was less than $15 and this setup is working like a charm.

Mark Boyer March 27th, 2009 04:12 PM

Simular Idea
I made a simular bracket for my JVC HD100U. I have the Varizoom dual battery set up and needed a place for the Firestore and Lectrsonics wireless reciever. I used Kydex. A thermo plastic that is moldable with a heat gun (Knife makes use it to make sheaths).

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