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Mark Richman March 28th, 2004 10:50 AM

Remote control cameras
Anything new out there?

Is anyone using remote control cameras?

I am interested in setting one up for Wedding Church shots. Maybe something that will transmit the video feed to a monitor I can keep an eye on while I tape with a second camera.

Anyone have any insight?


Tony Hills March 31st, 2004 03:04 AM

Hi Mark

Welcome from the UK. I, too, have been thinking about a remote camera (or cameras) for weddings. This will mean that I can cut down on cameramen (my sons) who cannot be relied upon for availability (quite rightly as they have their own lives!).

Iíve been thinking on the following lines and would also welcome any comments from others in the Forum.

B.Hague in the UK sell a pan & tilt head for UKP 125 with a 6-metre control lead. I would mount the camera on this, then the assembly on a tripod, although Iíve been thinking about a universal bracket that could be attached to a suitable stable object, more than 2 metres above floor level. This would give a good sweep of procession, guests etc.

I have a 5.6 inch TFT monitor and have purchased a video sender from Maplins (UK supplier of components etc) for UKP 40. In tests this works perfectly and I can pick up a good picture provided I get clear line of sight. The ideal would be to control both camera and pan/tilt through a radio link and I have been researching possible circuits, using a joystick control and the LANC facility on my GL1. But they are few and far between, none are quite what I want and my technical skills may not be up to it.

I am only at the start of this! As videography is my hobby and not my day job, I get precious little time to develop these ideas. I am hoping to get a robust working solution for the 2005 season, so apart from an idea I canít give you further information. I am happy to keep you informed of progress if you would like.


Tony Hills

Mark Richman March 31st, 2004 02:34 PM

Exactly along my thinking
I should be able to put a small wireless monitor in my pocket and check to make sure my remote camera still has a nice wide shot. I don't need great detail just a good look at the composition of my remote camera shot.

I agree family is hard to count on at times.


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