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Ed Liew December 4th, 2004 07:09 PM

second part of the reference http://www.steadicam-ops.com/docs/t_ultramanual_16-30.pdf


Michael Best December 4th, 2004 07:42 PM

I posted too soon, got it figured out. Thanks for your responses

Ed Liew December 4th, 2004 08:56 PM

pictures? new gimbal


Wesley Wong December 4th, 2004 09:20 PM

Wei Mun :

I got the Marshall together with the magiqcam from John. PAL.

I'm also trying to get to him through email ... with no luck.

Ed Liew December 5th, 2004 02:23 AM

problem with your rig?


Wei Mun December 5th, 2004 03:15 AM

Thanks Ed and Wesley for the response.
I'm still deciding on which brand to buy.

Well at the mean time, might as well get more input from you guys :)

To Ed:
What's the size of the LCD? From the pics you posted, it looks like a 5" or 6". How's the framing like? Guessing it must be overscan, right?

To Wesley:
So, how do you find the Marshall LCD? Is it good in terms of brightness? Also, how do you find the viewing area? 4" seems small.

Well, that's all for now.
Thank you once again.

Wesley Wong December 5th, 2004 09:40 AM

Ed :

yeah. still trying to folow up with john regarding missing components to make my low mode (low dog) work.

Wei :

It works for me, especially when that's the only PAL model from John at magiqcam that he sourced into my rig.

might wanna check out others for comparison in person in your country.

Michael Best December 5th, 2004 10:27 AM

I love to post pictures to get some feedback, how can I post them?

Ed Liew December 5th, 2004 10:48 AM

wei mun,
its a 5" mon, overscan and work very well in color mode. not so good in b/w mode outdoor.

should post your problem here so that other with low mode can give you a helping hand. other wise, post a message for john like what i did. from my correspondance with him, he said he check into this forum but only thing is he do not post or answer here.

post the pics on your website or else get a free website and post it there.


Johan Lundberg December 5th, 2004 03:40 PM

I'm using the Nebtek Neb50 5" monitor on my magiqcam. I also got the 7.2v Li to 12v adaptor which allows me to power it with the same batteries as I use for my camera. Flying a DVX100 on it.

Nebtek Neb50:

Initially I used a Marshall 4" monitor I bought through John but the backlight in it stopped working so I sent it back. My new nebtek works very well so far and is quite affordable.

By the way I'm trying to find out how the best way to setup and use the low mode, haven't really got there yet.
The only way I have found so far is to put the monitor on the camera plate, but then where are you supposed to put the battery?

Charles King December 5th, 2004 08:04 PM

Hi there Johan. I tried calling you several times but no answer. Do you still have the same number? BTW, do you have any pics of you magiqcam fully loaded with your setup?

Charles Papert December 5th, 2004 09:05 PM

For those looking at monitors for their rigs, here's an amazing new option:


For $600, you get a 6.5" super- high res screen and recording and playback capabilities--excellent for checking your shot inbetween takes. At 21 oz, still considered light but would only be appropriate for cameras over 10 lbs, say.

Wesley Wong February 15th, 2005 10:01 AM

:( should I be worried ??
about these cracks on my vest , where the arm goes ?


Charles King February 15th, 2005 10:05 AM

Yep! you should be worrying. when that finally breaks off all those bearings will definately find its way to the floor and then you will have friction. That has to rectified soon.

Charles Papert February 15th, 2005 10:42 AM

Yikes! Scary!

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