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Quoc Peyrot February 5th, 2006 01:03 PM

mirror not working on the Flyer LCD?
Hello, I have a problem with my Flyer's LCD monitor (I have the normal resolution version, not the HD.)

I just cannot make the mirror feature work, the up/down feature works like a charm, but the mirror one seems to have no effect at all. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Also I noticed in the documentation that the LCD is supposed to have two output (AV1 and AV2), but mine only has one. There is the place for the second one, but it seems the component has not been soldered, and instead a black tape was placed to cover the hole.

Anyway, my main problem is to make the mirror feature work, so if anyone who has the flyer can check on his flyer that would be great.


Mikko Wilson February 5th, 2006 02:17 PM

There's a "nack" to that..

I just tried it with the Flyer I have here, took me a minute to remind myself the details.
The monitor does in deed have 2 inputs, but they are electronically routed to the same connector.

Hit the "sel" button and you will notice "AV1" and "AV2" toggling on the scrren, but the input will be the same.

Now here's the trick: Horizontal flip ("Left/Right") only works in AV1 mode!

If you are in the AV2 mode and go into the menu you will have a "Mirror" option, this does nothing. Instead switch to AV1 mode and in the same place in the menu will be a "Left/Right" flip option that works.

A little strange, but it replaces the 2nd input (useless on a Steadicam) with a setting memory instead. I have AV2 my normal mode and AV1 set up for low mode.

- Mikko

Quoc Peyrot February 5th, 2006 08:45 PM

I don't know why but when I'm pressing the "sel" button on the remote control, it doesn't do anything. And when I'm pressing the "sel" button on the monitor itself it just display the menu.

I feel stupid, but... what am I missing?


PS: I just checked the manual again, they say a long press on "sel" display the menu and a short press switch between av1 and av2. But no matter how short it is, it always show me the menu.
They also say (for the remote control) "AV2 is only available when used with external video switching equipment"

Mikko Wilson February 6th, 2006 06:00 AM

That's strange.

The Flyer monitor I have here does in deed have that 2nd connector in place (though it's a differnet type to the first one). So it seems we have a slightly different moddle.

I'd give Tiffen a call/e-mail and see what they say.

Untill you get it fixed, not that if you take the monitor off all teh way you can flip it manually too to a degreee to deal with low mode.

- Mikko

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