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Keith Loh May 5th, 2004 10:21 AM

converting video tripod for still camera
I have a Bogen 503 head for my XL1S. Can I somehow attach my digicam (Fuji Finepix S9000) onto the quick release plate or get another plate?

I don't need two tripods ...

Chris Hurd May 6th, 2004 08:40 PM

As long as your digicam has a standard 1/4-20 tripod mounting socket, no problem. However, you're really better off with a true 3-axis photo head. Same sticks, different head; one that's better suited for still photography. The pan handle on your 503 head will be heavier than your digicam, upsetting the balance, leaving you to fight the tilt all the time. A good Bogen photo head for your sticks doesn't have to cost all that much.

Ken Tanaka May 6th, 2004 09:08 PM

Last year I bought the first photo tripod & head I've bought in 15 years. It's a Bogen/Manfrotto featuring what they call their "3D" head. It takes some getting used to but it seems much more appropriate for still cams. I suspect you could mount it on a variety of sticks.

Boyd Ostroff May 7th, 2004 08:39 AM

Hey that's interesting Ken, I just got a "3d Head" myself and put it on my Bogen 3221 sticks which I no longer use for video. I have a Nikon CoolPix 5700 and had been using it with a Manfrotto 719B "Digi" tripod. I really like this lightweight tripod, which has a ball head, for everyday use. But when I put the wide angle lens on the camera it becomes very front heavy (BIG chunk of glass with an extension tube) and isn't so great on the little tripod.

So I was browsing in my local camera shop and saw the 3d head, which was actually very inexpensive. My real motivation in getting it was shooting panoramas with the wide angle lens (I shoot individual frames in portrait mode, then stitch together - nice with a 5MP camera). It works great for this because the base is calibrated in degrees. The 3221 "Wilderness" legs are a perfect match and provide a nice solid base for the camera.

Now the only thing I miss is the ball leveller (it's a problem shooting panoramas if not level). So when I get a minute free I'm going to get the Bogen ball leveller and put it under the 3d head, then I'll be ready for anything!

Now I agree that a video head won't be so great with a still camera. I understand the desire to keep things simple, but personally think you do need (at least) two tripods if you want to suit the various requirements of still and video. But if you want to go the one-tripod route then I think Chris has the right idea. Take a look at the 3d head, it was under $40 as I recall and it gives you lots of versatility. It should fit the 3/8" threads on the tripod as it's part of the Bogen system.

Keith Loh May 7th, 2004 08:57 AM

3D head .. aha .. I will go try and find this and try it out in person.

Boyd Ostroff May 7th, 2004 09:15 AM

It's a funny looking thing... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...ku=5258&is=REG. B&H lists it for $25 which is less than I paid at the little store near my house. They also make a version with a quick-release plate but it's a lot more.

Ken Tanaka May 7th, 2004 11:35 AM

Indeed, Boyd, that's the beast. Mine is this one with the QR plate. After looking at the expensive video heads for so long these seemed like nearly free! <g>

As I noted, it takes some practice to get used to this head. The bottom knob releases pan, the left-most knob releases horizontal tilt and the right knob releases vertical (front-to-back) tilt. There is a bubble level on top of the head.

Keith Loh May 8th, 2004 04:44 PM

I ended up getting this guy:


And started taking photos right away. No more blurry long exposures.

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