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Chris Harding February 8th, 2017 04:42 AM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
I know exactly how you feel. Years ago we were using cameras that cost anywhere between $15K to 25K so it was an exclusive industry. Nowdays kids leaving school can buy a DSLR for a few hundred. Soon your wedding will be shot by acne faced kids using their mobile phones. At least live broadcast is a little more complex than the newbie DSLR brigade who offer cinematic wedding films and brides seem happy with the new terminology! To me if I had to shoot a "cinematic" wedding it would have to be with a 16mm Arri at least but costs prohibit it! It is indeed a sad state of the industry and at least we can offer something a little more unique with live streaming for now but soon people will be offering it with a shaky iPhone video streamed to FaceBook and will get away with it too!

Steven Digges February 28th, 2017 06:35 PM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming

Yes, weeks ago I promised to chime in and help with equipment information threads. Everything blew up on me and I did not even have time to read on the board much less post. Of course you guys don't need me.

Considering how far you have gotten with everything I just started a long thread on hardware switchers. I hope that helps someone.

I read every post. Rodger, when you struggle to get signals to lock on keep in mind to try both interlaced and progressive signals. There are still devices and monitors that do not like progressive signals.

I will post more later when I can.

Kind Regards,


Giroud Francois March 1st, 2017 03:14 PM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
quotes "At least live broadcast is a little more complex".
That is exactly the opposite.
the hard thing is to get the picture (properly framed, lighted, color balanced, mixed etc...).
If you get it, streaming it today is as simple as connecting a box to the output of the camera or the mixer.
you can even do it from a smartphone and all that for free if you got an internet connection or a good plan.
Proffessional usually avoid streaming because they think it is complicated or expensive.
It is , if you work "offline", record the event then edit in post.
If you learn to do everything "live" , it is very simple and for lots of events, you cut a lot of time for post production. Some of my events even have none.

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