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David Banner May 17th, 2020 07:37 PM

Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
Looking for ways to stream events that do not go though youtube, facebook and sites like those which will have problems with music. Regardless of whether you have all the music cleared or not they will still automatically flag it, mute it, cancel the stream etc and contesting it after the fact is too late because your stream is already ruined and viewers mad.
Any ideas?

Andrew Smith May 17th, 2020 10:45 PM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
One way would be to run your own streaming server, which may just work for the numbers of people expected to tune in for your streamed events. This will require some techy knowledge and a heap of work to implement.

A list of software options and streaming media systems are here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o..._media_systems

This sort of streaming is in reference to the outbound sending of video data to the end user 'client' software. It probably doesn't cover the sending of the video data via stream to the server for processing and then distribution. Yeah, lots of fun to be had if you're going to roll your own, including discovering things the hard way.


David Banner May 18th, 2020 11:30 AM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
Thank you. That sounds way too hard.

Would one of these options be an alternative to youtube/facebook/


Pete Cofrancesco May 19th, 2020 10:04 AM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
I have a client (ballet studio) who wants me to edit a culmination video in lieu of a final performance. They want to live stream it on Youtube. I voiced my concerns about the broadcast being stopped for copyright music reasons. Where would I go to get more information? Would classical music be ok? Is it enough to purchase copyright free music. I see Vimeo has a paid service $75/ month... I’m assume with paid services you put any music... I really have no experience in regards to broadcasting a movie.

It’s common practice for all dance recital studios to perform to copyrighted pop music. While this seems to ok for live performance at higher school auditoriums this is problematic for streaming and online content delivery. I’d like to reach out to clients who had to cancel their performance and offer a similar movie, but I’m concerned about the music issues...

Andrew Smith May 19th, 2020 03:48 PM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
It's possible to use genuinely copyright free music, but that won't necessarily stop YouTube from pinging it and having to argue about it (and be proven right) later. Reckon the only way to be sure is to do your own live-stream with the music and see fi it is recognised by YouTube. At least you can find out when the pressure isn't on.


Pete Cofrancesco May 19th, 2020 04:01 PM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
Thx Andrew good idea to run a test. I’m curious what would happen with clips taken from their performance of The Nutcracker... google is showing it as copyright free

Donald McPherson May 20th, 2020 03:01 AM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
What I don't get is this.

Donald McPherson May 20th, 2020 03:02 AM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
And the next person like you is taken down.

Andrew Smith May 20th, 2020 04:17 AM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
I think Music 4U could be a music label and so is treated differently with this being a label account on YouTube.

Found a listing for Music 4U at https://www.discogs.com/label/171619-Music-4U

Don't really know what to make of it. Not much other sign of them on the internet if they are a label of sorts.


David Barnett May 20th, 2020 06:35 AM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
I agree with Dacast. They have 'Event' billing that gives you 2TB I think of streaming. To do the math imagine streaming 3mpbs, x 60 seconds, x 60 minutes = 1 hour. Then multiply by viewers. Regardless, its A LOT!! Lasts for 1 year and is $250 I think. I don't think anyone else is free.

As for Music 4 U, I thought anyone can upload music to YT nowadays, but the label gets nearly all the ad money? (ie I could create an Ed Sheeran Lyrics or lip synch video, but be paid little to nothing). Otherwise its probably some semi-formal or large account. Maybe accounts with over certain amount of subs has more abilities.

Bigger Question: How does Billie Eilish have a Greatest Hits album?

Andrew Smith May 20th, 2020 12:22 PM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
And why do they photograph a young girl like that when her eyes are rolling back and clearly she is in medical distress? Pfft. Music industry execs.


David Banner May 20th, 2020 02:24 PM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
Hi Pete. I've had videos get flagged on youtube for copyright infringement that I had the rights for. I contested it and got it resolved but that took time. And in the meantime your video may be muted or taken down until you can remedy the situation "after the fact". Youtube doesn't know if you have it cleared or not so I just expect to get hit every time with all music, though sometimes I don't.

The problem of course with live stream is that it does no good to contest it because the event is already ruined and everyone is mad. Winning the contest later means nothing to those who wanted to watch live and couldn't.
I don't see any way around this unless you have TONS of money to make all the right connections up front with all the greedy corporations involved.

Using some of the services I linked to above seem to get around using sites like youtube and facebook which have bots scanning music. So for us little guys that may be the only way.

Boyd Ostroff May 21st, 2020 04:40 AM

Re: Alternatives to youtube facebook etc?
This doesn't look too hard (for someone with computer skills).


You would need to rent a server that's big and fast enough with full root access to set this up. Shop around for that, I'd guess the cost could be somewhere between $50 to $100 per month. I lease a Linux cloud server with two 3ghz Xeon processors, 3gb RAM and 350gb of RAID 10 disk for about $1000/year and host several websites on it. It seems very fast for my applications, but I don't stream video.

I don't think you would need much disk space for streaming, and disk space seems to be what drives server prices higher. The system in the article was setup with only 20 gb of disk and one processor, for example. With my hosting company (olm.net), cloud servers can be re-configured with the amount of disk, RAM and processors you need without having to move to a different machine. So you could start out with the cheapest plan and increase resources as needed to get acceptable performance.

But this is going to require computer knowledge and skills and will involve ongoing administration tasks. It won't be anything like signing up for a plan from a streaming service. And your clients will need to use an app like VLC to view the stream. If you just want a website to host your own video (as opposed to live streaming) then that will be a lot easier to setup, but then you'll need enough fast disk space for the files.

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