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Steve Zugelter May 16th, 2008 06:49 AM

Reevaluating website, please help!!!
Alright gang, I do this quite often. This time I would like your input. Please check out my site, www.glasseyevideo.com. What do you like, dislike? How does the copy read to you? Do the packages make sense to you? Check out the blog too, is it working in my favor? Feel free to talk about the videos too. I'm thinking about changing things up a little and would really like your input.

Chris Davis May 16th, 2008 04:09 PM

Overall very nice, but it does something I absolutely hate - it resizes my window. I realize you'd prefer if the viewer gets the full-creen experience of your site, but I'd prefer my browser stays the size. Another pet peeve is music. Like it or not, a lot of people may surf to your site at work. All of a sudden music comes out of their speakers - they're busted! :) Also, is that a copyright work that you have the rights to use? Your site also opens in multiple windows, another thing that tends to be off-putting.

I'd skip the initial page where they choose the site or the blog. A link to your blog is available from within the site.

Jim Andrada May 16th, 2008 09:19 PM

I agree with the comment about removing the first screen - just go right to the site.

I noticed Glidecam as part of the higher priced package. Will anyone except a video guy know what this is or why it's goodness?

I think instead of saying "Glidecam" you should come up with a clever description that sounds so high end you could choke!

Something like "Use of high-end specialized equipment for ultra stable and smooth video to emphasize the dreamlike quality of this special day"

I know it's BS but I'm afraid "Glidecam" won't resonate with normal people.

Richard Gooderick May 17th, 2008 03:37 AM

I'd agree that I don't really want the choice of site or blog. I'd just go straight to the site.

The point about music and workplaces is valid. But the music does add a lot to the site. Who are you selling this too? Maybe it's sexist but I'd say the bride primarily. I think women would appreciate the atmosphere that the music helps to create.

Rather than give the choice of site or blog you could give an option for people to choose with or without music before they get into the site.

Opening up multiple windows is confusing. I don't like that.

The music stopped playing at some point and didn't start again.

Your copyright notice at lower left is crowding out your title.

I enjoyed the interface and look and feel.

However when I actually opened your videos I was a bit confused and disappointed. I'd expected to see 16 x 9 or even HD. And I went straight into an Asian wedding and someone's hand being given the henna treatment. For a moment I thought I'd got the wrong video, a promotional film for a henna beautician perhaps. I liked the Asian wedding film and the cartoon intro to the family but I felt like I'd got thrown into them without warning or context. It wasn't what I was expecting to see.

When I clicked on the blog link I felt like I was on another site again. But then I dislike blogs and rarely see the point in them. In this I am probably alone! But the interface is ugly and it sits badly with the rest of your site.

Overall I really like the feel of the site. If I was a blushing bride I think that I would be charmed by its style but I'd feel like a fish out of water when I hit the blog and I'd be confused by the video section.

Jay Gladwell May 17th, 2008 10:17 AM

More than anything, what I don't like is that it's a flash site. In my opinion they are a pain. I find forced music very annoying, and I work at home. Also, I didn't like the browser resizing, as mentioned above.

Depending on what you're trying to accomplish with the site--create a Web presence so potential customers can find you, then you've shot yourself in the foot by using flash. The search engines that do the ranking cannot do what they need to do with a flash site.

So which more important to you? Having a fancy-looking flash site, or having a site that the local customers can find when they do a search for a wedding videographer?

Just my two cents.

Matt Newcomb May 17th, 2008 01:01 PM

Your first page that people see does not look that great. Then again, you open up a page in a new window. Don't do that.

Then you have flash loading, which is ok, if that is what you sent people to the first place. Your main site should just contain a link to your blog, don't make people choose.

Also under Cinema, why the theater 1, theater 2? That doesn't do anything except confuse people.

The other minor nitpick is that you call letters from your customers "Fan Mail", they are satisfied customers, so call it testimonies, or reviews or something else.

Otherwise though, it does look quite nice, just a few basic interface things I think you could tweak.

Jeremy Colin May 28th, 2008 11:45 AM

- Regular site and blog should have the same design for consistency
- You should eliminate the splash page altogether, since the main site links to the blog anyway
- While flash always looks good on the computer, a lot of people are beginning to access websites on their mobile devices, so an html page is the better way to go. Nowadays with javascript, you can achieve the same look and functionality without the flash, while still having a functioning page for the mobile browsers.
- I feel like the site would be better with a less dark background-- or maybe the main content container can be brighter. Since both the background and foreground are both dark, it's tough to differentiate.
- Great photography on the site
- My eye was immediately drawn to the "all video copyright..." text

Jamal M. Johnson June 6th, 2008 09:18 PM

Nice site but...
The only thing that I feel you might need to take off is the music. I mean it does go good with your theme but from a business stand point, it's a little myspaceish for such a high quality, well put together site. Other than that it's bangin. a 10! Pricing is good as well.

I hope this helps!

Jamal "Jag" Johnson

Dylan Couper June 7th, 2008 04:17 PM

(take this constructively)

1) I hate the music. I hate most music on websites, but especially yours. :)
2) Ditch the splash page (didn't like the fonts on it either) and just open on the main page.
3) I hate flash sites for this type of site. Slow to load? Goodbye.

Because of #1 and #3, I didn't bother reading 2 words of your copy. If I don't read it, you can bet that 30% of your views aren't either.

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