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Raoul Perros June 5th, 2004 06:00 AM

UK Import Customs?
Hi All,

does anybody know to which category of international UK import customs a DVX100A belongs? I am trying to calculate how much customs I will be charged...

this is from a website britainusa.com

Video Cameras & Camcorder (only able to record images from camera)

Other Video Cameras & Camcorders

As these numbers refer to imports from the US to the UK, I am not sure whether it would be the same rate for cameras imported from Singapore.

If anyone knows please let me know, I am lost in the endless points of official websites and need to know this asap...

Is it true that they check each package imported into the UK for its accurate value? Will this delay then automatically the given shipping time?

Many Thanks!


Kieran Clayton June 5th, 2004 09:21 AM

It falls into the cateogry of a video recorder if it has a firewire in/out.. Not sure how much that costs though.

Just out of interest are you buying the NTSC model of the DVX?

Dave Croft June 5th, 2004 10:43 AM

Hi, Isn't it just totally crazy that you can't really get the DVX in the UK? It seems to be availiable just about everywhere else.

Anyway, here is a link to New Zealand based GlobalMediaPro, who stock the Pal DVX100a. I can't recomend them as a retailer, as I haven't bought from them, but you could check them out. The useful thing about this link, is when you change the currency to 's, then add to cart, and select the UK as delivery destination, it says howmuch extra is charged for Import duty and VAT.


There are one or two places in the UK that stock the DVX100a. Again I haven't bought from these, but here is a link. This would of course bypass import duty and shipping delays etc.


Hope this is of some use,

Raoul Perros June 5th, 2004 06:18 PM

Hi guys,

thanks for your replies!

Kieran, no I'm getting a PAL model.

Dave, I tried the link, yeah it works, will do some maths tommorow and work out what percentage this amount of import duties is. I read on the UK custom homepage that the import duty is a percentage (which should be either 4.9 or 14) that results out of the price plus local tax plus package insurance plus shipping costs.

But this link is definiately helpful, I might contact Globalmedia and ask where they got their figures from, cause I read on another thread in this forum a quote of a firm's advice:

'The most disputable commodity code is that for video cameras. We invoice with code 8525309090 on which duty is 4.9% in the EU. Some customs offices insist it's 85254099 - 14%, some 85254011 - duty free. Please note that the local customs officer has the final say about which code applies, though generally the customs code on the invoice is not questioned.'

Anyway Cheers for sheding some light into the dark...

Kieran Clayton June 5th, 2004 06:30 PM

The reason that there's two codes is that a video camera is classified as a VCR-equivalent if it can receive data, ie if the firewire port can receive info. As a result, some low-end cameras only do firewire out, even though a simple adapter will allow the camera to receive data as well, as it has simply been deactivated by the manufacturer to avoid the higher export/import duty.

If the customs people are alert to the specifics of DV cameras then you'll have to pay the higher price (they usually kkeep hold of the item until you do), as the DVX100a will definitely be in that higher bracket. But given the amount of stuff that comes and goes they are likely to take the company's word for it (though technically the company who sends it to you is committing fraud if they don't charge the higher rate, so the less you know about it the better). If, however, you can source the camera from anywhere within the EU then there'll be no import duty at all.

Pat Chaney June 8th, 2004 05:39 AM

You probably already know this Raoul, but don't forget that once import duty has been added, VAT will be added to the new total - assuming you source outside the EU.

Another UK source for the DVX100A is http://www.ukprovideoshop.co.uk

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