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Alex Barabas June 20th, 2005 07:42 PM

Eech 1st clients!
I ran into several people today that asked for quotes on two different projects and I have no clue on how to even estimate for these... could anyone give me a low and a high range estimate just so I've got something to go off of? I know this is like pulling numbers out of your rectum, but Ineed somewhere to start.

Ok... client #1 wants a series of 5 minute videos. Each video will feature 1 career path and will explore various details about each career... I will be writing them, storyboarding them, shooting them with the gear that I own/will own... I will also edit them, add effects, and make them a few master copies on DVD. I figured that on the very high end, it would take 3 hours each to write and storyboard each final draft, 5 hours of setting up and shooting in various locations, and another 5-8 hours in post to get the final product. If I could give them an estimate on each 5 min video, it would be awesome.

Client #2 wants me to produce from start to scratch a series of instructional videos for aicraft mechanics... he's got the mechanic and planes but just needs someone to produce the videos... same as above, I'll do all the work for it. He said that he does not have a lot of money to front... so I would just request a small downpayment for expendables... however, this sounds like a great opportunity because there is ample demand for such a product. We would work out a deal where we each share some part of the profits.


Rob Lohman June 21st, 2005 04:39 AM

Thread moved to the business forum...

Craig Seeman June 21st, 2005 10:30 AM

You really haven't provided enough info for a good range. I have no idea how you estimated your hours for client 1.

3 hours to write a 5 minute script? Did you base this on your past experience as a script writer? What happens when the client doesn't approve of the script?

5 hours to setup and shoot locations? Are they all within a few feet of eachother? Just a few setups at one location? You know the actors will all get their takes right on the first try for the script that hasn't been writen yet?

5-8 hours of post with effects? Do you know what the client's expectation are on this?

Client 2 is providing the mechanics and planes, you're doing everything else and they want to "split" the profits. I guess you believe the client is a brilliant marketing expert since they aren't providing much else. Can they show you proof of past performance they've had on these kinds of videos (vs the market performance of such videos)? He DOESN'T have much money UPFRONT. Sounds like he's got a poor track record if he can't even get sufficient "seed" capital.

Alex Barabas June 22nd, 2005 11:10 AM

3 hours each for the script and getting all the copies done -- rough estimate from classes in college.

There will be 1 actor in each (presenting) -- it will mostly be filming the equipment they use and people at work. For each film, the locations are all at the same company.

As for client 2, I discussed with him that there is no way I would do it with no money upfront (because it would be a steep investment of time and capital from me), so he presented me with another, much simpler project from his workplace that I will get paid for. In return, we'd do the mechanics instructional videos as a joint venture.

I DID realize that he is def no marketing genius (and I work for a marketing company (Marketsource, LLC), but we don't do anything related to this). However, we do have several distribution channels that would be explored before anything started.

Hopefully this post sounds way more logical.

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