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Rob Katz March 8th, 2010 03:15 PM

a newbie asks: do i need a ftp site?
i'm a video producer. i now run a fully digital tapeless shop. my clients want to see works-in-progress. when i was tape-based, it was easy running off a vhs screener. i now run-off a dvd but clients want menus and graphics which takes more time which is often not billable.

i was hoping that clients can go to some web address and see the latest cut. I have a website hosted by godaddy. the website itself is more of a place holder and email contact with some bio info and images of past successes.

what do i need to do to create a web-based space where clients can view the recent works-in-progress? i do not want this space to be open to the public, only to my individual clients.

in the past, i have uploaded my work to other folk's ftp sites. do i need a ftp site? if so, how would i set that up? if not, what are my other options.

i apologize in advance for the newbie type question. that said, i'm always willing to learn.

thanks in advance to those who care to share.

be well


Tim Polster March 8th, 2010 03:29 PM

Hello Rob,

In effect you already have this.

By having a page or a website "hosted" you really renting server space. So you just need to make a webpage with a link to your proof file then upload the page and the proof video file to the server.

Your customers will see then page with the link to the file, click on the link and download the file.

You just completed your own File Transfer Protocol.

Hope this helps and was not too basic!

Rob Katz March 8th, 2010 04:16 PM


thank u for the quick reply.

is there a way for me to avoid making an additional webpage? can i email my clients a web address that would link to the godaddy file access?

i am using go daddy and their web tools are less than welcoming for a newbie such as myself. gee, where is the "plain language" section of that site? i can't even figure out how much space i'm already "renting"? nor can i figure out how to move the "works-in-progress" .mov files to godaddy.

anyone using godaddy that can translate how i can accomplish what i'm trying to do?

by the way, will the .mov files open and run from godaddy? will my clients have to have quicktime on their machines?

again tim, thanks for sharing.

any additional info is greatly appreciated.

be well


Tim Polster March 8th, 2010 08:02 PM


How did you get the page that is up now?

I am sure you have plenty of storage space to hold your file on Godaddy.

You will need a web design software to make the page, and yes you need a page for the clients to see a link to the file for browser download.

You can use a free progam like 'Filezilla' to transfer the file but you need to know your Godaddy login information.

I would call Godaddy and tell them of your needs and they will probably have a cheap alternative. They were nice the one time a talked to them about transerring a lcients host account.

My hosting company has free site building tools available, if Godaddy does not have a look a Ipower.

Tom Dickerson March 9th, 2010 06:19 AM

Give Godaddy tech support a call. I use them for virtually all of the websites I run. They have always worked with me on the phone to help me through anything I did not understand...and in a friendly way.

Yes, they have tons of tools available to help you...they are listed on their site under the type of hosting account you purchased.

However, if someone else built your website you may have to utilize them to set up your video review pages. Hopefully they will show you how to upload and post or embed videos if that is what you would prefer.

Chris Davis March 9th, 2010 08:44 AM

I've used Godaddy to register a few domains, but I've never used their hosting.

Keep in mind that by offering clients the ability to download video and files from your website, you are now going to be expected to offer technical support. Your clients will call you and tell you that something's not working and expect you to figure it out! I can't believe how much time I have to spend with clients walking them through something as simple as downloading a file ("no, I said right click, not double click!") :) I often think it would be easier to simply mail them a DVD.

You are now entering a whole new world of pain. We are not only expected to be experts in video, but now we're supposed to be experts in networking, file transfer, software compatibility, etc.

David Barnett March 9th, 2010 09:03 AM

Chris has a good point. As for FTP'ing, your best bet might be to make a generic, blank web page/template. Place an image holder right in the middle of it. Then, with each new project/client, use that template and upload a quicktime file of the work in progress for them to view. Save each unique page as a # (1,2,3 etc) or clients last name som that the link reads www. yoursite.com/clientslastname. Although, this would be quite similar to just uploading to youtube or vimeo anyway.

I don't think true FTPing is the way to go. Unless your clients are web savvy & are requesting it, you might become innundated with walking them thru the steps on how to download the file.

Tim Polster March 9th, 2010 09:50 AM

Good points. I offer both on my website.

I have a download page where the files are meant to be downloaded and project preview page.

On the project preview page I embed a .swf Flash video so the viewer only needs to press play. This is also useful because the viewer can not download the file because it is embedded Flash. I try not to have unfinished work in the hands of the clients as there might be confusion down the line on which file is the "finished work".

Chris Jeremy March 9th, 2010 05:43 PM

You could just use Vimeo. It has the capability of password protecting individual files.

Nigel Barker March 10th, 2010 01:33 AM


Originally Posted by Chris Jeremy (Post 1497271)
You could just use Vimeo. It has the capability of password protecting individual files.

Except that is contrary to Vimeo's Ts&Cs to use their service for commercial purposes. Far better to do as we do & use SmugMug which is a proper commercial service originally aimed at photographers but now embracing video. For $149 per year we get unlimited uploads/downloads/storage/viewing of material up to 1080p Full HD. We output rough cuts in H.264 MPEG at about 8Mbps for 1080p & then upload to either an unlisted or a password protected gallery that the client can view. This is an unlisted gallery Work In Progess for review - Barkers Videos

BTW The clients need to be aware that these videos are screeners & while immensely better quality than a VHS tape or even a DVD they shouldn't judge the final picture quality of the commissioned Blu-Ray disk on web video.

Tim Polster March 10th, 2010 09:49 AM

Does SmugMug have an embed feature to put the video on your own website?

Vimeo has a paid level that is $60 that can be used as commercial. (I think!)

Chris Davis March 10th, 2010 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by Tim Polster (Post 1497553)
Vimeo has a paid level that is $60 that can be used as commercial. (I think!)

Unfortunately, no.

Vimeo's terms are undeniably clear:

"You may not upload commercials, infomercials, or demos that actively sell or promote a product or service."


"Businesses may not use Vimeo to externalize their hosting costs. Vimeo (including Vimeo Plus) is not a business service."

Nigel Barker March 11th, 2010 12:18 AM


Originally Posted by Tim Polster (Post 1497553)
Does SmugMug have an embed feature to put the video on your own website?

Yes & it uses a very nice player that can be easily customised. Here is one site where the videos are actually hosted on SmugMug. Le Savannah

Originally Posted by Tim Polster (Post 1497553)
Vimeo has a paid level that is $60 that can be used as commercial. (I think!)

Definitely not for this purpose. As far as I can see Vimeo are OK with you using the site to host your portfolio or show reel but totally forbid you from using Vimeo as a hosting service as the above site does.

Tim Polster March 11th, 2010 10:06 AM

Thanks for your link Nigel. Very nice. Sorry for my Vimeo mis-information.

Could I ask how your Flash playback experience is? I mean compared to whatching television.

I get these little micro stutters when watching Flash video, on this one as well. Even after the video is downloaded and played again. Like the buffer is insufficient.

Is it just my system or does everybody else get this type of playback?

I guess I expect these videos to play super smooth since they are such low bitrates.

Thanks for your input.

Slavomir Valko April 29th, 2010 01:20 PM

Hello Rob
Have you ever tried adobe clipnotes?
I'm using clipnotes all the time to email short animations to clients for preview. It is much easier than uploading to a web page.

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