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Jason Wood November 6th, 2002 03:43 PM

Shopping a 30 minute children's TV pilot?
A few friends and I have a really genius Idea for a 30 minute children's TV show. It's a simple idea and we really think it can work. We have the resources to make the Pilot, but we are curious to know how independent minds like ourselves, with seemingly no inside connections can actually get our project seen by the powers that be. And if we were able to get it viewed, how do we ensure that our idea doesn't become stolen? Can you copyright a TV Pilot? The idea we have is such that if you manipulate a few minor elements of the concept, I'm afraid a copyright wouldn't protect us.

I'm trying to be realistic about this endeavor and I know it's a tough business, but this could be really good. It's good solid programming for children and it's extremely cheap to produce.

What about PBS? They would be the perfect host for such a children's TV show.

Thank you,

Dylan Couper November 6th, 2002 06:16 PM

I'd start with the childrens specialty cable channels like Treehouse (if you get that where you live). Or possibly local cable channels that might want to pick up a morning kids show.

Produce your pilot first, then make lots of phone calls. Judging by the quality of programs out there, it shouldn't be hard to pull off a good show. Not that I watch childrens shows, it's just the channel below the Speed channel and above SportsNet, so I see it while flicking by.


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