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Sean Johnson January 25th, 2011 08:41 PM

The Pros Business
Has anyone been in contact with this company or been contracted through them?

The Pros- DJ, Video & Photography Wedding Services

Seems like they are a middle man company. Apparently they find djs photographers and videographers across the nation and pay them "low rates" to work a wedding. Video guys are paid as much as $300 for an 8 hr day. The footage is sent to Pakistan to be edited cheap. They require high quality equipment and I've heard they suggest you not be creative. This makes it easier for the editor. There have been lots of complaints about this company.

I'm not getting a lot weddings these days and $200-$300 for a day shoot doesn't sound bad in my situation. I'd only be worried about my reputation after the couple receives a video with cheesy editing and music. I respect and admire the work people do on this site. I would really hate to be a sell out to the industry, but I haven't found any other options.

David Barnett January 26th, 2011 11:38 AM

I work with a guy who deals with them. For starters, I think he said they did away with India & all doing their editing. They couldn't get the timing & cultural things down right. (Importance of cake cutting etc, editing to music, good dance scenes/bad scenes etc). I believe he said they paid less, but myb that's due to the regional cost of living. The brides can get your name & recommend friends select you, not all that common, but your "name" isn't really attached to the final product or hurt by it. It's mostly The Pros name & rep. I went to a seminar with Davids Bridal this winter, as they are beginning something similar. It can be good, as they do the marketing, get the deal signed, get the couple to agree, and all you have to do is show up & shoot. Alot of the business end is taken on by them. They did require alot of equipment though, 2 cameras, wireless lav, on camera light, floor lamp & some others.

One drawback I seemed to find with the guy who worked there is you can't control you decisions in editing. If the audio for the best mans toast is terrible, or something starts without you being informed it's starting (cake cutting, speeches etc), the Editors or whoever call you upset it's been missed, and he would explain himself as to what went wrong. Just things like that. Personally, sometimes I'd rather control the editing & video from start to finish, but like you said, sometimes it's hard to get the work.

Just be sure the rates, I think he was doing it for less that $200, but he was also using their camera or renting/buying it off them, so they might have been deducting money from him. I think Davids Bridal was offering $300 though, so it's possible.

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