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Michael B. McGee May 9th, 2011 08:09 PM

Website examples; Independent DP/Cam Ops: will you share yours with me?
so, its finally time for me to become a grown up and build myself (pay someone to do) a website. If you're a freelance DP/Camera Op/Cameraman/Videographer, would you mind sharing your website with me/us? so, that i can steal/pay homage to your designs. if allowed, could you also let me what website builder software was used, ie: WordPress, Carbonmade, GoDaddy, etc.........


Kevin McRoberts May 14th, 2011 08:29 AM

Re: Website examples; Independent DP/Cam Ops: will you share yours with me?
I went with the KISS principle: "Keep It Stupidly Simple," or somesuch. It's anti-flashy, but then I'm not a web designer. The basic design is a Network Solutions page builder template.

video, productions, McBob Productions Charlottesville, VA

Craig Seeman May 14th, 2011 02:06 PM

Re: Website examples; Independent DP/Cam Ops: will you share yours with me?
I badly need to update my webpage so I'm not linking here but I can tell you what worked on my simple site based on clients reactions.

Demos should be EASY to find. The number of clicks it takes to get to the demo can impact whether you get to the next step with the potential client.

Services should be easy to understand. While one might use lots of marketing hype to talk up the company, services you provide should be in simple language.

Keep fonts big enough for easy reading. It may depend on your target market but if it's corporate video or even the parents of the bride for weddings, making a site that someone over 60 who isn't wearing their reading glasses, isn't good. Way too many sites use tiny fonts. Maybe that's fine for 20 somethings for music videos but heck even record execs ain't that young.

Contact info should be EASY to find on every page (top bar for example). I shy away from forms even though I like all the details it can discourage people if they have to enter lots of stuff to make an initial contact.

Keep in mind how much iOS devices are permeating business and other environments. Flash will be a problem. There's nothing like losing the decision maker who's viewing on their iPad or iPhone because they have to remember to go back to their computer later in the day to see your demo reel embedded in Flash.

I think theme based or targeted based demo reels are important. Some people want to see how you shoot interviews, others will find exteriors important, etc. Certainly have an "ultimate" reel is good but allow the viewer to see things appropriate to a target.

BTW you never know what they're looking for. I had a case where a corporate client was looking for someone who could execute their "crime drama" theme they had in mind and saw a scene I shot for a dramatic piece and hired me based on that. Had they only seen my corporate demos they'd never would have known that I could fulfill their narrative themed project. Basically don't assume potential corporate clients just want to see your "widget" promotionals you've done.

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