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Ken Beals June 20th, 2012 10:50 AM

Day Rate / Corporate Client ?
Till now my gigs have mostly been event video like sports, weddings, birthdays many times helping family or friends with limited budgets.

Although the quest to improve is a journey through my experience in the field have proven myself as a professional.

Am presented with an opportunity to shoot and possibly edit for a corporate client to produce content that will make them money.

New territory and am not quite certain how to charge for my services.

Basically the "gig" will be shooting instructional videos for global subscribers who pay a certain amount per month to access the information.

Although I have been recommended by the principle decision maker I still need to submit a bid as well as demo reel.

Production will be shot on green screen in HD
- I own my own camera
Post Production will include graphics possibly some After Effects
End use : uploaded to website for subscribers to access

The principle recommended I submit the going rates comparable to what a production company out of L.A. might propose.

Any recommendations you might have ?


Craig Seeman June 24th, 2012 01:15 AM

Re: Day Rate / Corporate Client ?
Your rate should be based on your business model.
There's no "going rate" There are too many variables.
I base my rate on the principle that I will work 20 paid hours a week.
If I need $2000/wk I'd need a base of $100/hr so it would be about $1000 for a 10hr day and it can go up from there if I need more gear and an assistant, etc.
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Allan Black June 24th, 2012 04:56 AM

Re: Day Rate / Corporate Client ?
Ken, if the principal says you should submit rates comparable to an LA outfit, sounds to me like he/she might be a friend of yours.
No offence but she's not your wife is she?

Based on what you've posted, I wouldn't do that, your prospective client could easily expect LA quality in every area,
and those guys play with huge stakes for huge stakes.

First, I'd find out what encouraged the client to produce 'global instructional videos' they must have some examples, the competition? their client?
head office? what/who?

From there, I'd get some successful examples and evaluate whether I could match or better them.

For 'global subscribers' carries other questions eg: what are the videos about? Do you need to supply various foreign language versions or sub titles?
How many versions and how often?

All that could be a big cost .. I'd find that out before I did a demo or anything else. This could be a full time job.

As you narrow all this down, your rates will become apparent, as you work out the number of hours it'll take, and the hourly rate you apply.
You might need a contract and a legal opinion.


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