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Karl Heiner January 25th, 2006 09:23 AM

tv show-videographer
hi gang,

would like to share a 15 min show i saw yesterday (judge something show)

family had hired a videographer for a 2 day event, cost incl. editing on a dvd $ 1300.
family complained, audio incomplete and unstable picture on the second day.

they want their money back.

videographer, older guy over 20 years in the business. he shoot the first day, but had to go somewhere on the second day. his daughter shoot the second day, she also had several years video expirience.

judgement: full refund for family + org. tapes, raw video . videographer guy should have done the second day, family had no contract with his daughter.
they had no written contract, so the judge based his judgment on defect audio.


Bryon Akerman January 25th, 2006 09:41 AM


I would have to fault the videographer in this case for the following reasons.

First, for taking a two day shoot with dvd authoring for $1300.00. If he has truly been in the business for 20 years successfully, then by now, he should be doing quality work that demands more money than that.

Secondly, Most of us know to monitor audio wheen we shoot. That's why most of our cameras have audio meters and/or headphone plugs.

Now, I can let the audio portion slide because I have been in a shoot recently where everything went wrong. I was using a wireless lav for an interview by a press conference with multiple news crews and one of their mics was interfering onto my audio, and my backup mic quit working on me AND my light I was using fried a wire, so sometimes we all fall vicim to "Murphy."


Fourthly, in order to conduct your business with character and integrity, if you tell someone you are going to do the work, you should do the work. If unforseen circumstances arise, then you notify the client with options for them to choose from. However, there should also be an addndeum added to the contract.

IMHO, you can't fault the client on this one because they agreed to pay a price for a quality he said he could provide and he didnt provide it.

Bryon <><

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