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Frank Hool August 8th, 2006 02:58 PM

room rental
We going to rent for our company new room. We can afford about 50-80m2.
We'll use this basicly for two purposes: audio studio, green (and any other)screen studio.
For audio studio we will build a monitoring box - just a small room in bigger room. For green screen something like falling curtain at the front of one wall.
Any suggestions what more concerns do we have to have and what we have to demand from room owner?

Glenn Chan August 8th, 2006 08:10 PM

You want to listen carefully to the building beforehand. Is there traffic, street cars, subway, planes, or helicopters that will be flying over the building? A rock band rehearsing in the next room?
If there are loud sources like these, then it will be extremely difficult + expensive to build a room that is sound-proof enough. As you make a room more sound-proof, it will also be better insolated... which means you need quiet AC (air conditioning). It's cheaper to find a quieter location.
Bass sounds are hard to get rid of, they travel through walls well.

Size of room:
Small rooms can have a 'boxy' sound to them... i.e. tiled washrooms sound terrible.

There are many books on acoustics... the stuff by F. Alton Everest is good. *However*, there is a lot about acoustics that is unknown... so a lot of the information (especially the theory) is not that good. Look for ideas + room constructions that have been tested.

2- Studio for video:
Look for:
A- Do you have easy access to the fuse box / breakers. How old is the building / how good is the electricity there?
B- If you are using hot lights, the room should have quiet air conditioning to get rid of the heat. Quiet so that it's good for sound recording.
C- High ceilings can help with lighting, as well as having bars on the ceiling to hang lights off of.

3- You might want to have ok facilities yourself, and rent better facilities as you need them. This may work out cheaper/better.


Any suggestions what more concerns do we have to have and what we have to demand from room owner?
All of the above may be more work+effort for the room's owner and they may not be used to catering to video production needs. You may not want to appear as being demanding to them. There is probably no reason to either- they probably cannot do much about the building unless you expect renovations. If there are planes flying overhead, they cannot do anything about that!

Frank Hool August 9th, 2006 10:47 AM

thank You very much Glenn, i will print it out i'll go to inspection of possible candidates.

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