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Patrick Falls December 30th, 2003 09:45 AM

what comes first after effects or premiere??
ok, i need to know what program to work in first. if i have 10 different clips on my hard drive do send them to premiere to chop up and synch to the beat, then send them to after effects for, color correction, slow mo, deinterlacing, fades and desolves, or do i render corrections from after effects and peice them together in premier?

both of these programs have fades and dissolves, which one should i do them in?

Mark Jefferson December 30th, 2003 10:19 AM

AE can read Premiere project files. Simply import them as you would any other file. Watch out though, any fades or disolves are not imported, a spacer is simple put in place so you know where the transition was.

In practice, I usually already know what I want for my video, so I do the scenes w/ SPX first in AE, render them, and import them into Premiere. I know it's backwards from what Adobe says to do, but this works out better for me.

Premiere 6.5 only works in 8 bit color space, so if you do your AE work in 16 bit color space (Production Bundle only), Premiere will only read it as 8 bit. This can casue some really wierd problems. If you plan on using Premiere for editing, do all your AE stuff in 8 bit color. I don't know about Premiere Pro.

Mark Jefferson

Patrick Falls December 30th, 2003 10:33 AM

that was really helpful, it's like a great big weight lifted off of my shoulders. i can't get my clips to play in real time in after effects 5.5. i try to use twixtor pro to do some slow mo speed ups, but the lagging in after effects on my computer is making it impossible to see if the results are what i'm looking for. i'm running a 2.5 ghz, 60 gig, 512ddr hp desktop. i try to view my project in ram preview but that only works slightly better. am i doing something wrong or is it just the way after effects 5.5 is? would i be better of with combustion?

Mark Jefferson December 30th, 2003 10:48 AM

I like AE; it can do things I can't do in any other program. Problem is, it is an EXTREME resource hog! Some things you can do, if you click RAM Preview while holding the Shift key, it will render in a low quality mode, you can do approx 4 times more video. Also, there is a way to render every other frame so you get more of the timelime rendered durning a RAM preview. However, I still end up rendering my stuff out as a low quality DivX just so I can see how the clip looks with some kind of smooth motion. When satisfied, I'll do a final render as Huffyuv and import into Premiere. I have a crappy VAIO laptop (Duron 900) so any real-time anything is simply not possible in AE.

Mark Jefferson

Patrick Falls December 30th, 2003 10:56 AM

thanks for the workaround tip. i think i'll follow your method of things. i'll try to work in pieces instead of with the whole project, but only on things that require short sequenced effects, i'll try and do color correction, and deinterlacing as a whole.


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