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Hal Wolin February 24th, 2005 04:32 PM

Specific Shot Suggestions
I've got a shot in a scene we'll be filming on Saturday and I'm looking for any different suggestions on how to achieve this shot.

We have two characters talking in a basement during a party.

A third one walks up and as he's saying something to one of the other characters, looks across the room and see's the girl.

The character stops, pauses stares at the girl whose at the opposite of the room, and then his friend say's What's up..

Which wakes him up out of his daze.

We are shooting with two Canon XL2's.

This is not the intro of the main girl, that takes place earlier in the movie but this is before any sort of relationship is established beyond friendship.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to convoy to the audience this shot.

If anyone wants me to post the snippet of scene to help explain more, please let me know.

I'm just looking for additional ways or approaches to get this shot.


Mitchell Stookey February 24th, 2005 05:13 PM

So what exactly happens? Does time slow down or stop for him? Does the room go quiet even though it's a party or is it still loud and fast? I don't really know what you want to happen here. Maybe posting more details would be helpful.

Hal Wolin February 24th, 2005 05:27 PM

Let me know if this helps..

No thanks. I'm fine. Hell I'm probably the most sober one here.
Exactly, we really need to fix that. Besides it's Jello, it's harmless. Go ask Bill Cosby.
(Matt takes the Jello shot from Jay, and downs it)
See was that so bad?
No. It was actually pretty good. Go get me another one.
(Hal walks up to Jay and Matt)
(Gazing at Ashley sitting on the couch. Ashley gazes back)
Hey, Jay can I talk to you for a minute?
Sure. Matt think you can manage to survive for a few minutes by yourself?
Yeah, why not. These little cups of Jello are really yummy.
(Matt downs another Jello Shot

Mitchell Stookey February 24th, 2005 05:38 PM

Ok I am still not sure what EXACTLY you want but I'll tell you what I envisioned when I read that and maybe it will help, who knows? One thing you could do is have a wider shot of each of them, first with Hal as he sees her, then a wide one of Ashley on the couch, and then alternate back and forth getting tighter each time, until you are on just their faces or eyes, and then when the camera is on Hal his friend could get his attention. Or perhaps when he sees her the camera is already tighter on him (a medium or tighter) and then it pulls straight back through the entire party across the room, still looking at him, until it comes behind Ashely's head and I guess she'd need to be talking to someone so that the camera could see her face. So she'd be looking directly at a friend looking directly at her and you'd see their profiles, and in the middle of their faces you would still see Hal in the background looking at her. I think that'd be more fun because then you'd need the extras all working together as the camera came through the party, as well as a little more of a challenging shot. Hope that helps at all, and if not maybe help you realize what you do want!

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