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Tony Burns April 6th, 2017 06:35 AM

B-Roll for Employee Spotlight Videos
Hey everyone,

I've started doing a series of corporate videos that are of the standard 'employee spotlight' variety. They're short minute and a half-ish spots on someone at the company with a bit of personal background, what they do at the company, etc.

One thing I'm struggling with a bit is what to shoot for b-roll for these. Generally I have the two typical medium/closeup angles to cut between, but I'd like to start incorporating some b-roll as well to break up the interview shots a bit more.

My thinking around this at the moment is to just take some shots of the person at their desk, walking into the building, interacting with coworkers, maybe getting some coffee (these are office workers). Am I headed in the right direction here?

Josh Bass April 6th, 2017 01:33 PM

Re: B-Roll for Employee Spotlight Videos
Logically I would think b-roll of them doing their actual job at the company, when that's feasible. I don't know what the budget for these things is or if they talk about their home life/hobbies at all but home/family/hobby b-roll too if applicable.

Steven Digges June 10th, 2017 12:17 PM

Re: B-Roll for Employee Spotlight Videos
Avoid the coffee/break room cliche at all times. Show them doing what they do, even if it is just at a desk. B-roll can be tight shots that personalize the person. Name badge on desk, family photos if there, shoot what ever they put in their space to personalize it them self. Shoot tight for B Roll, hands on keyboard, hand or hands on smart phone etc. Arrival /departure shots are good for quick story line to give you motion and beginning/end.

Kind regards,


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