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Jim Steffel January 2nd, 2003 03:18 PM

Sorry about that. Discreet seems to be making it difficult to get info on Combustion.
There is not a lot of written instruction on Combustion. In fact there are no books available.
There is a free demo available from Discreet.

Marc Betz January 4th, 2003 08:01 AM

Hey Robert
How good is your internet connection? I can try to email you the tutorial file from Combustion2. It is a 13.5 MB PDF file. Also the help files are navigate-able HTMLs at about 30 MB.

Let me know if you want em.

Marc Betz January 4th, 2003 08:08 AM

I zipped em
So they are now 16.5mb HTML and 11.5mb pdf.

Let me know....


Peter Koller January 4th, 2003 04:55 PM

Hi Marc, just in case you have a little bandwith left..

could you email the stuff to me, too? ;-)


Thanks a lot!

PS: Do you mean the Help Files that come up when you hit F1 in Combustion? Donīt need them. Just the -pdf then.

Marc Betz January 5th, 2003 08:21 AM

The files I have are what came with combustion2. If you have combuction 2 installed and you go to /program files/discreet/combustion2/tutorials/ and look at combustion tutorials.pdf. It is about 14 mb 11.5 ZIPPED. If you don't have this file, I'll send it right along.


Bob Deming January 5th, 2003 01:06 PM

Check rotoscoping out here


Robert Poulton January 6th, 2003 01:10 AM

Hey you need to goto www.dvgarage.com they have the best information on this subject and have a good forum. They also have a compositing toolkit that shows you how to make lightsabers in AF (After Effects).


Peter Koller January 6th, 2003 06:40 AM


No, I donīt have the tutorials. Please, pretty, pretty please mail 'em! p.koller@kabsi.at

Marc Betz January 6th, 2003 07:14 PM

Hey Peter
Check your email inbox...

Hope thats what you needed.

Aaron Nanto January 8th, 2003 05:25 PM

Combustion stuffs...
Actually commenting about no books being available for Combustion, there are actually a few books out:

Combustion 2 Courseware from Autodesk Press
(However I'm not sure if you can get this without being a student)

Discreet should still have a few tutorials on their site from the courseware which are very informative (sorry if this was already brought up)

Marc Betz January 9th, 2003 04:54 PM

Hey Peter
Were the files I sent what you needed?

Alexander Pruss October 23rd, 2007 01:45 AM

Tool for rotoscoping
Try new free tool for rotoscoping named "Claxa". It can output Bezier masks but can also work on pixel level to provide really live contour almost automatically. http://patchmaker.net/Claxa/

Emre Safak October 23rd, 2007 07:47 AM

Very clever, Alexander. It looks like you are going to give mocha a run for its money. When do you plan on releasing an AE plug-in?

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