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Josh Bass June 13th, 2005 09:49 PM

Where to buy a nice laptop?
So my computer's being a dirty filthy whore, and if I can't get it working right again, I'm tninking of getting a laptop, rather than another desktop.

Just wondering what brand/model people recommend (PC ONLY!), and where to get 'em. Seems like it's better to go to some lesser known source than your Best Buy / Circuit City/ Microcenter. I have a Athlon 1600 XP processor in this desktop, and a gig of ram, firewire drive, usb, DVD burner. I'd like to be able to do those things on the laptop. The computer I have is powerful enough, apparently for what I do (runs Vegas OK), so I don't need something super duper powerful, but if it's not too expensive, I'd consider anything.

Rob Lohman June 14th, 2005 04:47 AM

I prefer www.dell.com, on my and other people's thoughts on Laptops
see the following thread:


Good luck!

Don Donatello June 14th, 2005 09:27 AM

i prefer whoever is having the best sale for the week i need it !!! ..

decide if you want a laptop that will be a desktop replacement ?
these tend to be heavier , the graphic card should have own ram not shared, they eat up batts ..

then there are laptops which run the Mobile processors .. these tend to be lighter then desktop replacements laptops ..also they run alot longer on batts, they tend to share RAM with graphic card ( LCD) .. they tend to run at lower CPU power ( i find mine at 1/2 power all the time) ... there is a new chip set out intel 915 vs older 855 ..new915 uses sonoma (centrino) ? IMO if you choose Moblie processor get a laptop with 915 ..

i have both .. HP zv5000 AMD 3700 /1gig ram/15.4" lcd ( desk replacement at 9+lbs, has own graphic card with 64mgs not shared ) .. and i have a Averatec 4265 intel M1.6/512 shared ram/13.3 lcd (4.5lbs) ...

batt life while editing = AMD 1 1/2 hr ( LCD dimmed 3 notches) .
Intel M = 3 + hours (LCD dimmed 3 notches, computer in save batt mode , also using wireless to pull clips off my DELL desktop) ... if want more time DIM LCD more ... both have 5400rpm drives ...

the Averatec travels much easier then HP .. they both can edit ( use Vegas) , make DVD's ... use Dv rack with both ...

prices: HP look at the big stores.. they are always having 150-250 rebates on em. also some stores have built to order sales = you have it built the way you want it ...
Averatec- staples has it this week for 999 after 200 rebates .. NOTE: the 4265 seems to be available only online .. staples has 14 day return for ANY reason ( no restock fee= read their policy).
Dells are good = they also are having sales twice a month , plus some of their models you can install 2nd hard drive and/or 2nd batt..

i do not find a night/day difference between AMD and intel M = the AMD is faster ... after 10 min i do find a night/day difference when they are hanging from my shoulder !!!! the averatec travels very good !!

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