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Heath McKnight May 15th, 2011 08:40 PM

Problems with red ghosting with my LCD HDTV
Hey guys,

I thought I'd post here vs. the monitors section, since this is a consumer LCD HDTV issue.

Anyway, I've started to notice my 46-inch RCA LCD HDTV is having red ghosting problems. Sometimes quick flashes cause it, sometimes dark scenes, it doesn't matter. I can have my cable box, Apple TV or Blu-ray player plugged in (HDMI, RCA, component, coax, etc.), and I get the same problem. It sometimes comes and goes, sometimes won't go away, sometimes doesn't come up.

Basically, it's random and I'm not sure how to fix it. I moved recently, so the user manual and receipt are in a box somewhere, so while I dig it out, are there any solutions I can try? I've googled and found limited answers and a lot of ads for TV repair. I have about 2 months until the mfg. warranty is up.



ps-Why RCA? It was on sale for $600 at CompUSA...

Chris Soucy May 16th, 2011 10:29 PM

Re: Problems with red ghosting with my LCD HDTV
Hi, Heath.............

Well, unless it's some internal failure/ fault that's intermittant but worsening, in which case the TV repair/ ditch it and buy new are the only two solutions, it has to be something external.

If the change has happened exactly to coincide with the move and isn't the above, the two options are RF interference or mains born problems or one causing the other.

RF interference like a Ham radio operator nearby with a gazillion watt rig directly affection the TV's electronics is one option, the other is similar but it getting into the mains and sneaking in that way.

Purely mains borne problems are brownouts, bad frequency control, switching noise, RF pickup, poor wiring connections or a malfunctioning appliance (air con motors/ compressors for example) on the house circuit somewhere.

First thing to try is to get a UPS/ mains filter that can handle the load of all your AV gear, if possible, in case it's getting into everything at the same time.

Brownouts are a UPS, but a pretty stonking one. Either option should filter out pretty well all the rest except for bad frequency control and wiring problems.

Wiring problems is an electrician, frequency control (if you can prove it) is a stinking letter to your supplier/ state/ federal regulator.

If you happen to have a spare HD PC LCD monitor with all/ most of the mentioned connection options, you could try downsizing/ swapping for a week or three to see if it exhibits the same random problems as the RCA.

If it doesn't, it pretty well fingers the RCA as the culprit.

If it isn't any of the above, I'm stumped.


Heath McKnight May 17th, 2011 09:56 AM

Re: Problems with red ghosting with my LCD HDTV
Hey Chris,

It started before the move, unfortunately. I need to dig up the receipt and take it back to CompUSA to get it fixed or get in touch with RCA about a repair...

Thanks for the tips!


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