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James Kuhn April 2nd, 2013 02:53 PM

Gurus of three legged Pan & Tilt
All right, I'm looking for any and all opinions on my plans to 'future-proof' my tripod. Here goes.

Currently, I own the Sachtler 4588 Speed Lock 75 CF Tripod. It has performed admirably, despite it's detractors. I even plan to keep in my truck for when I'm going out for a quick trip. My 'Fluid-Head' is a Sachtler FSB-8. I love this head, it's done everything I've asked and more.

Now, I plan on purchasing the Sachtler CF-100ENG HD 2CF Sticks, P/N: 5390; Sachtler Mid-Level Spreader, P/N: 7007; Sachtler Adapter 75 mm Ball-Base to 100 mm Bowl, P/N: 3906. This isn't a cheap option! However, I my thoughts are, if I go ahead and bite the bullet now and get a 100 mm set of sticks and use the 75 mm Ball-Base to 100 mm Bowl Adapter with my FSB-8 Head, while it's a bit of overkill, I'd rather have an over-built, solidly built set of 'sticks' supporting it all. The camera riding the 'rig' is a PMW-200. It's a relatively light-weight payload for this 'tripod/head' combo even when it's 'pimped' (maybe 10#?), but I'd rather have the extra capacity. I can see a larger camera and Fluid-Head in my future and I'd rather not have to buy all new again.

At least this is the 'story' I tell my self when I'm justifying the 'cost'. Heh, heh!

So, "Gurus of The Third Leg", what say you? : )



Chris Soucy April 2nd, 2013 03:48 PM

Re: Gurus of three legged Pan & Tilt
I'll pass on the "Guru" tag, but my 5 cents worth (smallest coin here) is, doing the math with all the weights involved, including the relevant case (9106) which is really mandatory with a setup of that cost and weight, I make it an all up total of 20.5 lbs without the 100mm to 75mm reducer.

My 100mm Vinten FiberTec's / 3 AS head/ depleted Uranium Spreadlock spreader/ 100mm to 75mm reducer/ boots and case probably come in pretty close if not more.

A thing of absolute beauty and a joy to use BUT, pretty much by default I'll reach for one of my 75mm Vb/ Vb3 systems instead, just to give my somewhat trashed spine a bit of a break, and the sticks aren't far behind the Tec's in performance, though not as ergonomic.

Bottom line: if your spine still has 10 years on the warranty, go for it, else reconsider.


James Kuhn April 3rd, 2013 11:09 AM

Re: Gurus of three legged Pan & Tilt
Thanks, Chris (a.k.a., 'Guru')! Heh, heh!

Well, my 58-year old back is not in the worst of shape considering the hard life it's had. However, my days of humping a 70# Rucksack up and down the Appalachian Mt. are over. : ) I did that with my Rollei 6008i, 40mm/2.8, 80mm/3.0 and 300 mm/2.8.

I think the 'proposed' tripod will do the job. I've already decided the 'Speedlock 75 CF' will remain in my arsenal of support equipment. I have used it effectively in it's retracted position, not extended to it's maximum height and plan on using it in just that configuration for tight spaces and lower angle shots. Plus, it will always work in a 'pinch'. I also have my 'venerable' Gitzo 1325 Mk 3 CF with a 75 mm Bowl Adapter. My support requirements should be met with these tripod options.

Best regards,


Sabyasachi Patra April 3rd, 2013 11:30 AM

Re: Gurus of three legged Pan & Tilt
I use that Sachtler CF-100ENG HD 2CF tripod. It was suggested by Barbara Jaumann of Sachtler. I am pretty satisfied. I use that with a OConnor 1030HDs head 100mm bowl. Since these things last for a long time, it is better to have the redundancy even if at present your camera and lens/rig weighs less.

James Kuhn April 3rd, 2013 04:01 PM

Re: Gurus of three legged Pan & Tilt
Sabayasachi...I saw your review of the Sachtler sticks and the Miller Head when I was doing some random I-Net searches. It was the 'review' that helped me make my final decision. Thank you for your comment.

Best regards,


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