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Andrew Farrell February 6th, 2008 05:08 PM

Advice re: Sony LMD 9020/30/50
I've had my eye on a Sony LMD9020 for some time now. They're small, portable, run on batteries so I don't always need to have a power source, have two line ins and have on-screen markers and is stable enough to sit by itself rather than on a stand etc.

Given the only difference between the 9020 and the 9030 is the 30 has SDI capability which I wouldn't need, I am inclined to go the 9020. The 9050 is too pricey for the higher res. I have a HD camera though am mainly shooting SD for the moment (the 9020 can accept analogue HD signals).

Has any one had any experience using the 9020/30?
More importantly (and this relates to all of the models 9020/30/50) is any one using them powered by battery? What is that batteryt life like?
And one last one, have I narrowed my search down without considering others models - perhaps some you might recommend based on my needs above.


Stewart Menelaws February 7th, 2008 08:17 AM

Hi Andrew - We use a 9050 and are very pleased with it - we use IDX Endura 7s batteries with it, and off the top of my head I think we have been getting 3 hours or more out of a fully charged battery.

We have attached a neck strap so at times it can be worn around the neck, we also made a deep hood for it, as outside, viewing the monitor screen can be a problem with flare.

It's not light, so any attachment to a crane, dolly, tripod set up needs to be good. - great little monitors.... we chose this over the Marshall monitors although they are really nice too!

Regards: Stu

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