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Luke Toyer May 18th, 2004 02:46 AM

Lilliput TFT Video Monitors - Any good, or stick to CRT?
Hi folks!

I'm considering purchasing one of those 7" Widescreen Lilliput Video Monitors you can get on Ebay. They cost about 100, and although they are native 16:9, can also be viewed in 4:3, and in PAL or NTSC.

Furthermore, the picture quality (sharpness and colour accuracy) are supposed to be very good, even with fast moving video footage.

If you consider the other benefits in terms of weight/portability and power consumption, this does seem like an ideal video monitor solution.

However, the sceptic in me is screaming "This is way to easy and straight-forward!!!", so I am posting this query in an attempt to alleviate the voices of doubt!

Can anyone comment on the quality of said LCD Monitors? Are they good enough to display an accurate reproduction of DV camera footage? (I have an XL1-S).

Why are standard professional monitors CRT-based still? Why do some of them cost soooo much money? Are they actually the best way to preview footage on location?

If anyone out there in the know could enlighten me as to whether it is worth going for the TFT display, or whether CRT is still the ONLY decent monitor still, I'd be very grateful!!!



Bill Pryor May 18th, 2004 08:57 AM

I don't know that particular brand, but I bought something similar a couple of years ago. I paid somewhere between $200 and $300, which would be close to what you're looking at, in terms of cost, I'm guessing.

It is a piece of crap.

In a dark room, you can get a decent picture on the thing, but in a room of even normal light, it is practically worthless. And, I could never get the bars adjusted properly. I don't remember the brand, but I got it out of the Markertek catalog.

There are some decent monitors like this you can buy, but they cost a lot more than a regular professional CRT monitor.f

Luke Toyer May 19th, 2004 05:54 AM

Thanks for filling me in there Bill!

Hmm, not very encouraging!

Unfortunately, for the same kind of money, my only alternative would be to purchase a small 14" colour TV set.

Which would you say is the prudent choice: TV or TFT Screen?

(It's possible TFT Monitor technology/quality has improved since you checked them out previously)

Or would you just advise me to hold onto my pennies until I can afford an entry-level Pro Monitor?

Just trying to get an idea of the difference in picture representation between the Pro Monitor / TV / TFT Screen.

And of course, whether the TV and TFT Screen are below the standard which would warrant the use of a monitor in the first place!



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