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Tyson Persall March 9th, 2005 03:40 PM

Lilliput 7 inch monitor - How to Remove Touchscreen for better image.
For anyone who has the Lilliput 7" Tochscreen monitor and does not ever use the touchscreen -you should know that it is possible to remove the touchscreen element and the image will be much more clear.

I bought one of these Lilliputs to use for my XL2 and was disapointed by the way that the touchscreen glass seemed to make it hard to focus on the image. Its hard to explain without seeing it for yourself but the touchscreen causes some kind of slight problems in viewing up close. So I took it on myself to open it up and guess what - you can remove the touchscreen and the image will be so much clearer! -

How I did it_
I would not recomend you do this unless you are fairly confident with electronics. Remember to ground yourself and if you dont know that much then dont attempt. Remove the 4 screws in the back and try to open it up without too much force. Number 1 rule is dont force it!
There are 4 differnt cables conecting from the back piece to the front. Notice that one calbe is for the touchscreen. It is the one that is stuck to the white padded sticky tape. Carefully peal away the padded tape and disconect. (Its pretty tight) Now you can remove the other 4 internal screws that hold the LCD inside the front caseing. After this you will notic that the touchscreen glass element is simply scotch taped to the monitor. Remove the tape and it comes off easily.
Now put it all back together agian. Took me 20 minutes.
Note: the first time I put it back togheter the power did not work so I had to open it up agian and reatach the power cable as it had come loose due to my jaring around.
Also, you might want to have a 2nd person help hodl the front and back piece as you will notice what Im talking about after you open it up.

Please dont hold me resoposible if you break it. These are not nessisary instructions, but just a list of what I did and it worked. I very easily could have damaged conectors had I not known what I was doing.

Thanks, Tyson

PS> Let me know of your sucess.

Manfred Dilg July 2nd, 2007 09:42 AM

Hi Tyson,
I tried your instructions today. Even if I have no experience with electronics and had never done anything like that before it worked fine for me. I just followed your instructions and there wasn't any problem at all. The image looks great now.

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