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David Bird April 11th, 2005 05:20 PM

Help - LCD Computer Monitor
Hi folks...
I've been shopping for the last week or so for new LCD monitors for my computer....I'm currently using a 19" Viewsonic E90 and am going to a dual monitor setup. I've considered buying another E90 but I would probably have to reinforce my office floor if I added another one of those...
I've read reviews until I'm dizzy....one person claims that a particular brand is top notch, and another claims the same monitor's refresh rate is too slow for video editing....I am really, really confused and need help...
Can someone recommend an LCD monitor (19") that they find satifactory for editing...BTW, I'm hoping that someone suggests a monitor that can be purchased in the below $400 range (maybe that's unrealistic?)
At any rate, thanks in advance for any assistance

David Bird

Brandon Greenlee April 11th, 2005 05:26 PM

Dell seems to have very good lcd reviews as well as samsung (who in turn makes the actual panels for dell).

Although the 19" Dell is a not as good as the rest of the lcd's in dells lineup because it is the oldest model. I would still check it out though as well as the 17", 20.1", 20.1" Widescreen, and 24".

The 19" is currently $299.00 through bensbargains.net which is an extremely low price for this nice of an lcd.

Hope this helps some.

Alex B Henderson April 11th, 2005 09:14 PM

LCD monitors have a couple of issues:

- ghosting (because some monitors are not fast "rise and fall" from black to white. It can lead to blurred motion on screen.

- colors not correct. LCDs are not the same color as CRT monitors. In addition, the brightness and shading can change when you slightly change viewing angle, so you have to be very careful.

You get what you pay for, don't by a cheap monitor looking for good results, that is how it always goes. Dell seems to have some pretty good monitors for the price.

Glenn Chan April 11th, 2005 09:59 PM

I don't notice ghosting when playing back video on LCDs, but since you already own a CRT you could put your video palette/monitors there.

Color accuracy is not a big deal as:
A- You have a CRT.
B- You should check colors on a calibrated NTSC monitor or TV anyways.

For specs on ghosting and bezel size, check out

Bezel size is mildly important, as it refers to the thickness of the monitor frame/bezel. In dual monitor setups, a smaller bezel is better.

2- I'd likely go for a hot deal on LCD like the ones Dell occaisionally has, as you can getting very good bang for your buck (you're paying less than normal retail prices).

3- LCDs seem to be to be definitely the video to go for video editing, as it will not cause magnetic interference for your NTSC monitor / TV. The thinner bezels (compared to CRT) and energy and space savings are also good points for LCD.

Andrei Petrik April 11th, 2005 11:46 PM

I am also considerng getting one too...
The monitor that really captured my attention is Hyundai L90D+ / 19-Inch

Tigerdirect.ca has reasobaly priced, i think.

Whats your opinion? Or should i stick to CRTs for video editing?

Glenn Chan April 12th, 2005 07:17 AM

Two LCDs and a $500+ NTSC monitor is probably the ideal monitor setup for editing (except for maybe three monitors???).

The NTSC monitor gives an accurate representation of what your video looks like.

The LCDs are good for dual monitors and will give you lots of workspace, and they won't interfere with the NTSC monitor so you can put all the monitors beside each other. And the other benefits I mentioned.

A decent setup would be CRT + LCD + NTSC monitor (or a TV, because NTSC monitors are expensive! and not necessarily useful). That setup will be better than CRT + CRT + NTSC monitor because some of the monitors *will* interfere with each other.

David Bird April 12th, 2005 07:49 AM

Thanks everyone for your assistance....I THINK I'm going to seriously consider the 19" Dell Supersharp...from there, who knows...
Regards - David Bird

Glenn Chan April 12th, 2005 07:57 AM

30" apple cinema display anybody?

David Bird April 12th, 2005 08:01 AM

Hummm....I can buy new cam or buy the Apple 30"er....Think I'll stay in the 19" lcd range..

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