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Juan Dela Cruz March 8th, 2006 04:05 PM

colorbars pluge which one is correct?
When I compare the colorbars pluge from the S-video output of my canopus editing card and firewire output attach to camcorder then output to Production monitor I get different results.

Firewire output from DV storm (D/A passthrough to S-video monitor) looks darker compare to the S-Video output direct from canopus DV storm card. Which one is correct?

Glenn Chan March 8th, 2006 04:29 PM

It may be that one D->A converter converts digital black level to 0 IRE, and the other D->converter converts digital black level to 7.5 IRE.

Here's what I suggest:
Figure out which devices get fed into your monitor... it may be a DV camera (typically uses 0 IRE), a DVD player (7.5 IRE), and your editing system (??).

Ideally, you'd have all the sources converting digital black level to the same IRE value. So if you never hook up your DV camera/deck to the monitor, then use your Canopus card to connect your editing system to your production monitor (I presume it does 7.5IRE).

After that, put color bars onto all your sources and calibrate your monitor to one of them.
Check the bars from the other sources to see if the levels are different. If they are, then take that into account.

The best color bars to use are the ones that come with your editing system. I highly recommend you do NOT import color bars from computer files, as they are only correct when using the correct conversions.

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