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Chad Nickle January 11th, 2009 12:34 AM

Video for review
Hey everybody, I am really nervous about posting this here, this is our first attempt at a bridal elegance piece.


Bridal Elegance on Vimeo

Ken Diewert January 11th, 2009 02:12 AM


Don't be nervous, there's some really good stuff there. What were you using for a stabilizer?
There's just a couple of shots that didn't work for me. But hey, that's just me.
I liked the frame idea in the intro, but the second shot - I just thought the zoom was to long and didn't serve much purpose. The only other shot I didn't like was the 'armpit' shot at :45. I loved the next shot where's she's laughing and backing away from the camera.

The rest is great IMHO. You had an attractive model/bride and she became more animated at certain points. It's tough working with couples who aren't/won't animate.

The only other thing I'd suggest (if you can) is mix in a little more variety in the locations.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing and keep'em coming!

Chad Nickle January 11th, 2009 08:15 PM

Ken, thanks for the compliment. We use a steady tracker and kessler crane for stabilization.
I hear you on the zoom, not my favorite shot either. In 2009 I am banning zooms, black & white and Slow Motion!

Thanks for the input!

Jason Robinson January 12th, 2009 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by Chad Nickle (Post 992947)
Hey everybody, I am really nervous about posting this here, this is our first attempt at a bridal elegance piece.


Bridal Elegance on Vimeo

First off, I've never shot a BE shoot, so I'm just mouthing off here. :-) Secondly, a kessler! Oooooo. I've been eying one, but have no call to use on in weddings (would have to be needed for a commercial shoot for me to use it).

I also liked the idea of shooting through a frame. Very creative.

The shot around 0:18 had a LOT of heavy shadows on her face. I'd work hard to find a different shot, or try to arrange the shoots to avoid the high contrast areas on the face.

Also, the super low angle up the nose /a armpit was a bit awkward. The angle does get a neat shot of the dress (and other .... features) but is potentially a bit distracting.

0:53 where she is lauing and running. Magnificent shot.

Blow out transition at 1:01 was just not to my taste (as usual tastes differ).

The shot at 1:10 had heavy shadow on her face. Just kind of lost the details. Obviously that is part of shootign in a forest, adn since I have not done that, I have no idea how I woudl solve that issue myself.

Liked the CU shot of the massive rock on her ring. well done. so was the CU of her hair. very good detail.

The DOF shot at 1:30 was screaming (to me) to have the bride in teh BG and do a rack focus to her from the flower. CU shots of the environment are nice (and you do a great job at it), but it seems like they need to have the bride in it some how.

Fantastic jib shot at 1:40. Would have loved more of that kind of shot (I'm sure they take more time to set up and might not be possible.

Really liked the facial expressions at 1:55. More of those kind of shots would seem to highlight the bride's personality more (again, just my completely unskilled back seat opinion).

If the shot at 2:00 was the crane, then boom that sucker up! That shot was perfectly set up for some movement. If it was hand held, no worries.

All told, it was a fun shoot to watch. I think she could have had more "stuff to do" than standing there looking glamorous (like reading a book, like watching nature, etc... anything manufactured to provide a backing to the shoot).

You did a good job with the difficult lighting (not like I would have the extra hands needed to cart along a battery operated light & softbox) or to hold a big diffuser.

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