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Thanh Nguyen June 27th, 2009 01:57 PM

My New Love Story to Share
Hello everyone

My previous clip did not get much comment. I hope this one i gain something from the last and hopefully will get more comment for this clip please. So please i need too know what im good and and what i'm suck at i can make it better next time. This is my first piece using Final Cut Pro studio 2 and also the first time using Final cut. I color corrected in the time line it look good but when I use compressor and out put this .mov file it doesnt look as nice.

Shot with Canon XHA1. Glidetrack HD. Steadicam merlin. Ikan LED on cam light and light from my van and her car for the night shot.

I tried to use a band pass filter to make the sound like it come out from a cell phone but didn't work well so i leave it like that for now until i figure it out later.

So enjoy hopefully heheheh thank you.

This is a password protected video on Vimeo
password: vqnguyen

Stephen J. Williams June 27th, 2009 02:37 PM


I think when it comes to comments on this board it goes like this... If your work needs a lot of corrections, lots of comments. If it's unbelievable outstanding, lots of comments. When it falls in-between, not as many. Just my opinion.

Anyways, I like the concept of this video. The audio was great... The establishing shots were great. The beginning part could have been a little shorter... But I saw what you were going for.
I liked the shot of the groom adjusting the camera lens.

I think if you made this video a little more condensed you could hold the attention of the audience better and pull of the "idea" you were going for.

If you dont touch a thing, The B&G and their friends and family will love it. It's a little harder for people to connect with the videos on this board since we dont know the subjects.


Winfried Dobbe June 27th, 2009 02:47 PM

Nice concept and well shot.

Some things you might think of:

- It's a little long, maybe cut down on some of the repetitive shots/angles.
- Try to find a creative way to get rid of the jump cut at 2:47.

Thanks for sharing.


Paul Mailath June 27th, 2009 08:20 PM

Hi Thanh,

great clip - I really liked the concept. The phone audio didn't seem to be a problem to me, the audience accepts they are in both places at the same time, recording the audio straight off the phone mich be a lot easier than fiddling around in post.

:55 - the OTS of the hands was really nice, emphasising the wait

there seems to be a glitch in the timing -
1:04 - as the car comes round the corner it's dusk and he has his lights on
1:07 - also lights on and we can see the lights in the houses
1:09 - suddenly we're back to afternoon with the car lights off

2:40 - really like the nice slow zoom in, it seems to help relate with the woman.

3:43 - you lost me - up until this point I was engaged in the story, I wanted to see what happened, there was a mystery "where are we going - you'll see" I wondered if he was going to propose - and suddenly we jump to the next day and there is no story.

Don't get me wrong - I think it's great and Im sure the couple will love it, I think you've got some great shots there and you've given me a few ideas - I'm just pointing out the things that struck me.

Thanh Nguyen July 2nd, 2009 03:27 PM

Thank you
thank you Stephen

I think you are right either really suck or really mind blowing that will have a lots of comment. So i think my video are alright not bad and not so good.


Thank you for your comment too. I will see wat i can do to edit that take to make it look good. About cutting it shorter i don't think i can do more to cut because it will messup the time line of the story.


record audio straight from the phone is not an option. The signal from the fone will make your audio un-usable. Try to have a gsm cell phone during a call next to a speak and you will know what i'm talking about. That why when we shoot the wedding we all have to turn off our cell phone. Not vibrate. Off

The glitch about the light on heheheh i though nobody will notice but danm you are so detail and notice the glitch. The shot at 1:09 is shoot before those two. I had 2 take of that shot the one that you saw at 1:09 the other one is the same but with the head light on unfortunately the second one is not long enought for what i was looking for or she didn't do it right so i have to use the first one and hope that no one will notice heheh.

The first part till 3:43 is to connect with the music track "It's Your Love". I didn't think of i should have include his propose in there untill you said you were lost by the story. Jump to the next day to keep the love story of the sound track because we have limited of time that night. They were exhaulted when we done that night. We start shooting at 7pm and untill about 8:30 we were done for the first part. Then we waited for the sun to completely down to shot the city lights we have to drive 20min to that location for a decent view of the city. When we're done it like 11pm. The groom have to wake up at 6am the next morning to pickup his dad from the airport. So for the time that we got i think they did good didn't waste a lots of my time.

They watched the clip already (while honey moon in hawaii) and they love it she cried and email me with all possitve feedback so i think im happy with it so far.

I have two more to share it will be up soon.

Thank you everyone for your priceless time reviewing my work, your comment really make my work much better and better everytime i shoot. Thank you again

Paul Mailath July 2nd, 2009 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by Thanh Nguyen (Post 1166342)

record audio straight from the phone is not an option. The signal from the fone will make your audio un-usable. Try to have a gsm cell phone during a call next to a speak and you will know what i'm talking about. That why when we shoot the wedding we all have to turn off our cell phone. Not vibrate. Off

what I'm talking about is to hold a microphone near the cell phone and record the audio (her voice) coming out. What you're talking about is the carrier search signal that is picked up by speakers & wireless mikes - two different things.

keep up the good work

Susanto Widjaja July 2nd, 2009 07:57 PM

thanh oh thanh
Ok.. here goes Thanh.. I hope you like reading some harsh feedback. I'll make my feedback a bit storytelling this time

Santo saw this new post from Thanh.. he remembers Thanh's last love story and would like to see if what he's up to now.

Santo is so excited! he quickly plays the video and rest his ass on the broken black chair he's got.

The car traffic comes in..
"Hey... not bad... some cut here in there exaggerating the lateness"

The guy calls the girl
"Hmm the conversation is a bit too much for me, but thats OK!"

The girl waited on the pathway
"Hmmm, this is too much for a girl waiting for her boyfriend stuck in the traffic!, but Hey!! some good shots in there, so still enjoying!"

The guy comes in and take her driving
"Wow!! I'm into this now.. looks like we're gonna hit a nice surprise soon!"

The guy gets out the car and the girl follows
"OMYGOSH, I can't wait!! I gotta prepare some tissue!!"

The guy turned on the radio and some song comes in

He hug the girl and they started dancing

We jump to some garden and they do some happy happy moves

yeah... I think you dissapointed a lot of people there.. me for sure..

I was very into the storyy and then you kicked me in the butt.

LOL, well thats my 2 cents, I hope you get what i mean.

All in all, a lot of improvement from the last one.

Well done Thanh, and sorry for my friday afternoon crazyness..


Matt Barwick July 2nd, 2009 08:21 PM

You make me laugh Santo... :D

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