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Thanh Nguyen July 5th, 2009 08:30 PM

The First SDE
Hello All

I had post 2 Love story for review and i learned a lots everytime. Your comments are truely helpfull. This is our first same day edit that we did for the wedding on July 4. This is my 4th wedding tha i did. We try to do the SDE on June 20th but couldn't make it happen(we didn't promise them SDE so is this one). It an experience to do the SDE. We ran into a lots of problem due to the P-O-S HVR MCR1 but we manage to use the old fashsion way "capture from tape". It it also the very first time my Glidecam v25 out of the house into a real job. So here it is please let me know how i can improve it thank you for looking.

Phuong & Phuong Same Day Edit on Vimeo

2 xha1, Glidetrack HD. Firestore HD100, Glidecam V25. MacBook Pro with FCP. Graid3, DVrig Pro. Senhiser wireless.

Thank you thank you

Thanks to Saul Rogar who make this SDE possible.

Joel Campos July 6th, 2009 05:44 AM

Hey Thanh
I completely agree with you...doing a SDE is quite an experience! It will definitely challenge your limits as an artist, cinematographer, and editor but in the end it will make you a more concise and creative visual artist and story teller.

Here are some constructive advice to hopefully help you:
Begining with the vows is a great idea. A suggestion would be to edit vows with additional angles (ie. bride cam, groom cam, center cam) or cover it with a sequence of shots (ie. preparations) to help move the piece along. In many situations, sitting on a the same shot for a long period of time will kill the pace of a SDE very quickly...the same can be said for something that has too many shots.

I liked the soundtrack you chose. The music track give you a lot of emotionally charged points...take advantage of those points in the music. You hit the climax of the song @ 3:12 with a cut that was spot on. It's at those points that you'll want to place your most poignant and powerful shot/ sequence (ie. entrance of the bride, grand master shot of the church, etc.). It really all depends on what your creative mind can come up with.

As for the ending the SDE ended a too abruptly when the music ended and we were taken into exchange of rings and finally into text. A safe way to end is to end with the music. If the music track is too long don't be afraid to edit it down to a manageable length to allow you to end with the track.

This is just a few suggestions that will hopefully help you in your next SDE. I'm sure others will chime in with their critique.

Thanks for sharing your SDE!

Mark Von Lanken July 6th, 2009 10:38 AM

Hi Thanh,

First off, you have a lot of courage to do a SDE on your fourth wedding.

Joel already made some good comments about the edit. I realize when you are under the pressure of a SDE, you don't get to put as much detail into the edit as you would like, but if you learn from your first one, the second one will be better.

My advice comes more in the form of shooting. The single biggest thing that you can do to improve the over all production is to stop zooming. If you must zoom, make it slow and subtle. Use your zoom to reframe the shot, but remove the zoom action from the edit. Did you have a second shooter for the ceremony, or was it just you? A second angle of the ceremony would really help.

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