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Alexis Vazquez August 1st, 2004 10:09 AM

Others equipment...
This is the second time it happen to me...
Yesterday I was shooting a wed where the groom has this unique surprise for the bride, it was her favorite artist in person singing her favorite songs. In this church they do have a statet of the art audio and lighting facilities even a studio cabin for drums and percusion. So we thought that the audio will be better from the control room than just from the cam mic...Wrong!

The audio from the speakers was awsome, but somehow the recording was null, tracks without audio signal.... uffff.

Since now on I think its better not to trust others equipment no matter how great they sound and how awsome they looks.
Or maybe add an audio crew...

Bad thing here was that the groom wanted more the artist special part than anything else.....

The first time it happens (last december) it only recorded the music, no singers...


Luis Caffesse August 1st, 2004 10:25 PM

I've found that the most reliable way to deal with these sort of scenarios is to have a wireless mic handy (a handheld or lav).
I'll set it up a few feet from the speaker.

While getting a feed straight off a board would be great, I've run into too many of the same problems that you have. I've wound up spending 15 minutes with the sound guy trying to get a feed, meanwhile I"m missing shots, and half the time you never get a good feed going.

Get yourself an extra wireless, and set it up near the P.A. speaker. I've never had any regrets since. The audio may not be as perfect and clean as a board feed, but it's much more reliable, and it when mixed with a small amount of camera-mic audio, it can give you a good stereo mix.

Alexis Vazquez August 2nd, 2004 07:56 AM

Thanks Luis for your respond,

Actually I do have a wireless lav mic. but decided not to used it because of their great facilities and the groom insisted also. Well hope next time goes better...

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