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Peter Rush June 10th, 2012 08:16 AM

BD Discs - recommendations
Hi Folks - I've had a few discs returned recently that are about a year old as unreadable - I've been using TDK T78088 disks but am beginning to worry about their archival properties

Anyone else had similar problems?


Chad Whelan June 10th, 2012 10:07 AM

Re: BD Discs - recommendations
I had problems a couple years ago with microboards. Switched to verbatim and or ridatas (ink jet printable ones) and have had zero issues since. By the way Newegg had 25 packs of the ridatas the other day just under $1 a disc which included shipping.

Michael Bray June 11th, 2012 11:29 AM

Re: BD Discs - recommendations
I use Falcon Media Pro BD-R with Smart Guard. They're the glossy type which are resistant to ink smudges from any type of moisture. I've burned tons of them and never had one come back to me as bad. I highly recommend them.

Steve Loeffler July 4th, 2012 07:52 PM

Re: BD Discs - recommendations
Skeptical at first, but I've had great luck with these from SuperMediaStore. 50 burns so far and zero coasters.

Optical Quantum BD-R 25GB 4X White Inkjet Hub Printable Blu-ray Recordable Single Layer Media 10 Pack - OQVBDR04WIP-H-10 | SuperMediaStore.com

Colin Rowe July 5th, 2012 03:37 AM

Re: BD Discs - recommendations
Falcon Media, excellent discs. http://www.dvdshoponline.co.uk/25GB_Recordable.html

Steven Reid July 5th, 2012 05:53 AM

Re: BD Discs - recommendations
I recently switched to Falcon discs with SmartGuard. They're a bit more expensive, but pretty much the gold standard. And printed graphics look absolutely spectacular. No complaints from users, too.

Taky Cheung July 6th, 2012 11:11 PM

Re: BD Discs - recommendations
+1 for Falcon. I recently switched from TDK. The glossy look is just great.

Falcon Media Pro Watershield Glossy BD-R Media | L.A. Color Online Blog

Noa Put July 7th, 2012 12:17 AM

Re: BD Discs - recommendations
I"m using quvido blu ray printables now without any issues so far, I had a batch of verbatims before but they appeared to be "lth" (low to high) discs that caused many playbackproblems on older blu-ray players.

David Chien July 23rd, 2012 01:13 PM

Re: BD Discs - recommendations
1) For important recordings, MADE IN JAPAN only discs.
2) For archival, For Business Users | BD-R/RE Discs | Blu-ray by Panasonic | Panasonic Global
Panasonic Archival quality, 50-100year lifespan BluRay discs.
3) For recording, Pioneer BluRay recorder with latest firmware.
4) Always make sure you verify recordings after write, then test in a seperate BluRay player.


In general, if you follow the tips above, you'll find good success.

Cheaper media, recorders, etc. will often cause trouble in the recordings. AVOID Made in China discs! Taiwan discs from Verbatim/Sony are about as low as you'd want to go - prefer MADE IN JAPAN discs for the highest quality.

The reason for this is that the technology is perfected in Japan first, then outsourced to other countries later. While most companies in other countries can make computer products, their level of perfection and attention to detail is often still far lower than Japanese companies making the same item. (eg. That's why Toyota cars are far more reliable than Mercedes on average.)

The workers' skill levels are also lower on average because they're not as single-mindedly focused on continuous improvement over decades of experience (try to find workers in other countries that stick with 1 company forever...). Often, they leave before they can truly master the production technology.

ONLY PANASONIC 100 YEAR ARCHIVAL BLURAY DISCS (linked above) are INDIVIDUALLY inspected for problems prior to shipment!!! All other discs are either inspected in batches, or little at all (Made in China) - which means you can encounter bad discs in a batch.

Also, dust is a much bigger issue than with DVD/CDs. You MUST KEEP the RECORDING SURFACE of the BluRay disc as pristine as possible! Handle discs by the edge, never leave the discs open to air longer than necessary prior to record, never set the disc down in anything except the recorder tray prior to recording, always try to keep the record surface facing down.

Specs of dust on the record surface can prevent a successful recording.


Pioneer is a solid BluRay burner to start with. They've been around since the first CD burners in existence decades ago, and they've continued to develop drives that have the latest burning capabilities first (eg. BDXL). They're a benchmark drive to use and disc makers make sure their discs work in Pioneers.

Are you looking at the DISC SCANS of various BLURAY discs to make sure YOU are BUYING THE BEST?

Pioneer BDR-207JBK 各種BD-Rエラーチェック(その他のBD-R/RE)
(Find your recorder: CD-R実験室)

eg. In this list alone, you can see the HUGE difference in record quality (green graph - error rate across the disc). The MADE IN JAPAN discs (日本製, first one as an example) are far better than the Made in Singapore (シンガポール製) or Made in China discs (中国製).

You'd be a FOOL to give a client a Made in China or Singapore disc after seeing which discs perform the best, esp. in your drive. You can scan discs yourself in certain drives to produce these graphs.

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