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Noa Put October 30th, 2013 07:54 AM

Re: anyone using the pana DMC-FZ200 for weddings?
What did you not like about it Clive?

Clive McLaughlin October 30th, 2013 08:17 AM

Re: anyone using the pana DMC-FZ200 for weddings?
The 120fps was nice. The reach is nice, but you can forget the longest footage. But up to say 200mm its fine.

Generally though, it was just to video like for me. I was only ever going to use it for flexibility on a monopod during ceremony and speeches.

But I'm just going to buy a sigma 17-70mm 2.8-4. the 70mm will be 112mm on my 550D.

And I could live with f4 for those shots.

Roger Gunkel October 30th, 2013 10:53 AM

Re: anyone using the pana DMC-FZ200 for weddings?
I have had mine for a few weeks now and am now comfortable with getting the best footage from it. I would not have been anywhere near getting the best after only half an hour of test shots as the camera really needs getting used to. Being a comparatively small sensor in relation to a DSLR, it needs to be set up slightly differently. Some of the default settings on the camera were unsatisfactory for me and it took me a while to set things up the way that I wanted them.

I have found the lens to be very useable throughout the range, although I tend not to go beyond about 400mm. I have taken some shots at the full telephoto, but needed good light for best results. There are also considerable differences between filming in the dedicated video mode, where manual aperture, shutter speed, focus and zoom are all available while filming, as against video shot with photo settings.

I'm also not sure what 'too video like' really means as there are a lot of variations to colour intensity, contrast etc that are customiseable. In Paul's groom's preps clip for instance, I found the colour and contrast a little too light for my own personal taste, but they are easy to set up differently for those that want to go deeper into it.

It's not a perfect camera by any means, but at the price it is very good and very flexible! I'm off to the USA for the first time for a break at the weekend and will be taking the camera with me. I'll try to find time to upload some clips after I come back.


Clive McLaughlin October 30th, 2013 12:00 PM

Re: anyone using the pana DMC-FZ200 for weddings?
Roger, it is a very handy camera, but I can get a nicer look from DSLR and I'd rather f4 on a lens on my 550D than 2.8 on the FZ200.

I have a 550D which is used on my steadycam. During ceremony and speeches it just sits at my feet. I may as well transfer the dslr to a monopod.

In terms of price, a Sigma 17-70mm (26-105mm on APS-C), is costing me 300 and the FZ200 cost me 345.

Of course not everyone has a spare DSLR body laying around.

The Sigma lens even at f4 will give much nicer footage than the FZ200. It was a rushed decision on my part.

It also won't replace my CX730 as my b-cam due to the clip limit.

Roger Gunkel October 30th, 2013 12:07 PM

Re: anyone using the pana DMC-FZ200 for weddings?
I agree, if you've got a spare 550D you'd be silly not to use it! I also agree that the 29min clip limit is a nuisance, but I suppose you get the same of less with the DSLRs. As I don't use DSLRs for video, I find the Lumix a useful addition.


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