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Peter Rush January 24th, 2014 10:33 AM

Re: Lavs for MP3 Recorder
How do you find your Giant Squid mics Peter? Do you use the omnidirectional - I was going to buy a couple but then read bad reviews



Peter Riding January 24th, 2014 12:02 PM

Re: Lavs for MP3 Recorder
Yes I've seen the poor reviews but there are lots of good reviews as well. Bit like Amazon product reviews in general - there will always be a bunch of 1 stars for one reason or another. I find myself paying less and less attention to poor reviews for that reason. There is no knowing whether the reviewer knows what they are talking about - though they almost invariably claim the highest of credentials - whether they got a faulty product etc.

I find the GS sounds different to the ME2 but just as usable. The ME2 is more photogenic - important to me in stills :- )

I think a lot of the sound gurus have a very poor appreciation of what we have to do week in week out and would have heart failure if they had to deliver the overall results that we take for granted; they wouldn't think it possible. They are in effect recommending over-engineering for what is needed for weddings. As we know the conditions are never optimal on wedding days regardless of whether you use 20 or 2000 lavs.

The GS does the job, just doesn't look as nice :- )

I used a white version of the GS into an audio recorder a few days ago. The ceremony top table was huge and completely devoid of any decorations - therefore no chance of hiding a recorder or whatever in flowers. I had the lav peeping through a little gap in the white tablecloth and wired to an H1 on the floor under the table. Worked great. That was in addition to a black ME2 on the groom transmitting to me - I like backup :- )

I always use omni lavs - others like the ME4 are just too directional for me.

Have you got around your own ME2 + H1 loose connection issue?


Peter Rush January 24th, 2014 01:15 PM

Re: Lavs for MP3 Recorder
Peter I bit the bullet and replaced the connectors with Neutrik 3.5mm right angle - so far so good - I like these mics, the quality is way better than my old ATR 3350 models. The only problem I've had is that both my windshields have been lost by grooms - TBH I don't really use windshields anymore as they rarely last more than a few weddings!


Peter Riding January 24th, 2014 02:38 PM

Re: Lavs for MP3 Recorder
Ah now thats interesting - have you got a link to the actual ones that you found worked? Did you do the soldering yourself?


Peter Rush January 26th, 2014 03:33 AM

Re: Lavs for MP3 Recorder
Hi Peter - Yes I did the soldering myself (was once an AV technician in a former life) but I think the connection will still not be as good as machined in a factory

Neutrik NTP3RC 3.5mm right angle stereo jack mini plug Silver | eBay


Peter Riding January 31st, 2014 03:15 AM

Re: Lavs for MP3 Recorder
I looked up the soldering job but I don't fancy taking that on! I'm envious of your technical experience.

The solution I've come up with is to have some L-shaped adapters made up. Same size as the Neutriks you linked to and L-shaped as well to absorb more pulling stress; but with a 3.5mm jack on one end and a Sennheiser locking 3.5mm socket on the other end. So I won't need to snip off the existing Sennheiser plugs from the ME2 lavs - they'll go straight into the new plugs and the new plugs into the H1's.

I've been quoted 18 +vat per plug. Quite a lot but from Pinknoise Systems I can be sure they will be high quality durable and wired correctly.


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