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Adrian Tan March 21st, 2014 02:55 AM

How to mic a pretty basic play?
Hi, I have zero experience in this. Anyone care to offer some suggestions.

Here's what the set looks like:

Sydney Independent Theatre Company - Tidy Town of the Year

Actors are just using natural voices; no sound system. The can't wear lapel mics, because there's fake blood involved, and they do a striptease.

I'm thinking of concealing a few omnidirectional mics around... maybe a boundary mic as well... and just hoping and praying. I've told them the audio is not going to be very clean.

What would you recommend?

Roger Gunkel March 21st, 2014 05:35 AM

Re: How to mic a pretty basic play?
Definitely boundary mics as that's what they do best and probably a couple of shotgun mics as backup,


Chris Harding March 21st, 2014 06:16 AM

Re: How to mic a pretty basic play?
Hey Roger

I was going to say that too!! I have two AKG's in my case and they work well for wedding speeches done from the table!!

Gosh Adrian you get all the lucky gigs ...filming naked actors (sadly I guess some will be men knowing your luck)

If there is a sound system I always leave it to them to set up and mix the stage audio and give me an XLR feed but sadly that isn't going to happen. I seriously would have my primary mics as boundaries on the front of the stage and then maybe cheat a bit and put a shotgun right up front (as close as you dare without it being in the way) as a backup. If they stamp and stomp on a wooden stage then alas the boundry mics will get that as a loud signal but they are very good when given a sound board as big as a stage and audio 2 metres away can be amazing!! If you can get to the venue maybe try a few tests using yourself on stage and various mic options???


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