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Michael Blumm May 30th, 2014 05:18 AM

Record DJs Audio?
I have a wedding coming up where they are going to be doing some surprise dances. I asked for a copy of the mixed music and to my surprise the DJ said I can just plug into his system all night. I am currently waiting to get in contact with him but I was wondering if I could get some tip on how to achieve this what will be needed and how to make sure I will have good sound not peaked or too low.

I have a Tascam DR40 and 32gig SD cards...

Thank you for anyones help ;)

Robert Benda May 30th, 2014 05:24 AM

Re: Record DJs Audio?
Ask him about his hookups, but the most likely option will be dual RCA outputs. Some mixers will have an option next to that output about whether or no microphones are included in the audio, so do a mic check when you plug in and see that you're getting all the sound.

If you're using a pocket recorder for this, just make sure your 'mic power' is off. That's pretty important.

Almost all DJ mixers have a secondary (zone or monitor) output. The original purpose is for monitors (being able to listen to our own mixes), but since mobile/wedding DJs don't need that, its a nice way to record your audio and have it be perfect.

In a pinch, using the headphone jack on a good mixer will also get you what you need. Cheaper mixers won't have the microphones in that, though.

Last option is to plug into the speaker itself. ONLY if it is a powered speaker (it will have a separate power cord....if it doesn't, then it's going to destroy your audio recorder). A power speaker will usually have an XLR, but maybe a 1/4" output and will, again, have everything you hear over the speaker.

Chris Harding May 30th, 2014 06:09 AM

Re: Record DJs Audio?
Hi Michael

Robert is a professional DJ so if he was doing the music I would say go for it. BUT a lot of DJ's can turn on their desk and that's about it!! Your feed might be a disaster unless the DJ is in the same league as Robert!

A safer option is Don Blooms way and record the audio coming out of the speaker using a drum mic! That would be a lot safer unless you are 100% sure that this DJ has a fair amount of audio knowledge and is not just a "player.of audio clips" which a lot are and have no idea how to set up an audio feed for you!


Robert Benda May 30th, 2014 07:11 AM

Re: Record DJs Audio?
True, though straight from the mixer will be cleaner.

All you need is to have access to the back of the mixer and that's it. If you note, in the picture, the "Master" is what the DJ will be using to send out to his speakers... you ignore that but the output you want is always next to it.

In this case, the mixer has a 2nd output labeled "Zone" but sometimes called "tape out" and uses RCA output

Though some cheaper mixers put everything on top, and you could use either the "tape out" (RCA) (or maybe the 1/4" "aux send" which I've never seen before), both located in the top right

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