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Travis Heberling July 30th, 2014 07:26 AM

Which case is the right case....

I am looking into getting a Pelican case for all my video gear.

I am mostly looking at the 1560SC and the 1654.

I know the 1654 would fit everything, but was wondering if anyone had the 1560SC and could give me an answer on if that would do the job. The 1654 is great but so bulky...I dont even know where I would put that in my apartment! Haha

I normally have: 2 DSLR bodies (Sony a99), battery grip for 1 of them, 1 Sony fdr ax100, 50mm, 30mm, 75-300, 70-200, 85mm, 24-70mm. Couple LED lights, batteries, cards, chargers, h4n, h1n, Sony XLR adapter with mic, tools, cleaning gear, and sometime of rig for the dslrs. (Not too large.)


Steven Digges July 30th, 2014 11:29 AM

Re: Which case is the right case....

Go with the 1654, in my opinion. I have a 1650 (almost the same thing) with the padded Velcro dividers and the optional lid organizer. I have a ton of bags and cases of many different types. The 1650 is where one of my complete kits lives in. Camera, several lenses, LCD monitor, light, batteries, and everything to go with it. It gives me one case with everything I need ready to go. If I donít need it all for some quick shoot I pull what I need and throw it in a another bag. I have different types of bags to suite different types of gigs but the 1650 is primary.

I fly with gear. Pelicans are the only case I trust for checked air travel. Yes, sometimes I check camera kits, I have to.

You are correct in looking at a case with the padded foam dividers. Worth every penny more and will last forever. The configuration of my cases changes a lot. I am not a fan of pick and pluck foam for several reasons. And eventually it will need to be replaced, look at the cost of that.

A Pelican will last you a lifetime and change with your gear. You get hard sided protection, lockable security, and I have cable locks to lock the cases to immovable objects.

All the benefits come with the cost of bulk and weight but you will not regret it. No other case can keep your gear as safe as a Pelican for hard use and travel.

Gear cases are like hard drives, no matter how big you think it is when you buy it, soon it will be too small!


Travis Heberling July 30th, 2014 12:27 PM

Re: Which case is the right case....
Thanks for the reply!

Whats the difference between the 1650 and 1654?

Steven Digges July 30th, 2014 03:23 PM

Re: Which case is the right case....
I'm not sure but I think it is the dividers. Also, the dividers are great but they do not provide as much padding as surrounding stuff in the foam. I still think they are the way to go. I love mine.

Here is mine : http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/415698-REG/Pelican_1650_024_190_1654_Waterproof_1650_Case.html
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