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Paul R Johnson June 5th, 2015 11:40 AM

As I don't do weddings, I've only just been introduced to these things - and could I ask a few questions?

They must be incredibly time-consuming to manage and shoot - how do you do it? Most I can work out, in terms of the process, but is it clever with autocue, or just big cue cards with the words - and audio? How do they hear the song.


Steve Burkett June 5th, 2015 03:24 PM

Re: marryoke
Paul, it really depends on the crowd and how inventive you plan to be. If you approach it as a full scale music video then yes it's a lot of time, but if you approach it as a bit of fun and don't go overboard, it doesn't have to eat too much in the day. With Marryoke, the key is to get as many guests as possible rather than just focus on the best performers.

In getting lines, I've used all kinds of tricks, but generally my main technique is for just one line, I'll ask the person(s) to repeat the line back to me. If they know the song, then that's easy; if they don't, I just ask them to say the line the same way I say it. It's quicker and easier than playing the line of the song. Push comes to shove, I'll sing the line to them and do the action to get them to mimic back.

For larger groups, I play the song in its entirety of part of it, getting the group to sing and dance to it. Then I just use the best bits when putting it all together. I try not to stage too much as this takes time. Either they're not drunk enough to go for it or too drunk to work to instructions. Besides I've used the techniques over and over, so it's nice to let guests be spontaneous.

Cue cards, autocue on a tablet; yes I've used it, but it just gives a news reader type of response. Pretty obvious they're reading it. If I have help from a Bridesmaid or Usher to round up Guests, I can do one and have done so, in 45 minutes. It's not the best, but enough for me to make it work in the edit. If I can get 4-5 groups dancing and singing to most of the song song, I know I've got enough to make a good Marryoke. I then use fast cuts to give the video a bit of energy.

Chris Harding June 5th, 2015 07:59 PM

Re: marryoke
Hey Steve

I think you are too modest! Your Marryoke's are excellent! I wish I could get my bridal parties to do them. I tried doing a Christmas one at my wife's Christmas party one year and it was quite tricky ... I actually took the song audio and split it up into "verses" with gaps so I could play just one line at a time on a portable CD player but they still got it wrong most of the time ...I soon found out that most people can't even sing in time so sync is also tough

Another thing that you have to consider is other vendors ... nothing kills off your organising like an obnoxious photographer trying to take over so I would say Marryoke sessions are best done if you are using your own photographer so you have total control of time. I have had photogs even reluctant to give me 10 minutes with the couple for a stedicam shoot.


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