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Dave Blackhurst August 30th, 2015 11:21 PM

Re: How often do you add light at weddings
I've got a selection of cheap LED lights I've picked up, all with dimmers (some are better than others!), I usually have a CN1000 (I think that's the right model #) in my "kit" - they use the Sony battery packs, dim to very low levels (as suggested above, use the minimum "fill" light as needed). There are other lights out there, some just use AA batteries. You "can" camera mount, but I've found that sometimes it's effective to just hold the light in your other hand, for better angle (study how studio lighting is done).

With a light that has a good dimmer, you won't blind guests, and it really doesn't take a LOT of light to "fill", but having a small light or two available is good for when the lights are low.

Peter Rush August 31st, 2015 02:33 AM

Re: How often do you add light at weddings
I only add light for the first dance and then any dancing by guests after - I have a couple of cheap dimmable Comer copies that cost 50 each and I've had them for about 4 years and they're still going good. They run forever on Sony NP batteries and I put them up on tall light stands and have a Wallimex light on my camera that runs on the same batteries, is dimmable and you can change the colour temperature - cost about 100 and I've had it for years.

That's the only time I use lights as it's a no-no for ceremonies and for speeches well.... If, like in some other countries the speakers use a shared lecturn I might be tempted, but in the UK they pretty much speak from where they are sat - and not always from a top table, plus you get the speaker that paces up and down or the best man that wants the lights off for his slideshow - it's a logistical nightmare to try and light.

Kyle Root August 31st, 2015 08:07 AM

Re: How often do you add light at weddings
At the beach wedding I just shot, the reception events happened under a pavilion. It was very dark.

I used my 2 torch leds to light the dances, cake cutting, speeches, and bouquet and garter toss.

There was a lot of space, but the layout of the tables and such made set up a bit tricky. Not to mention about a dozen kids like less than 6 years old running around... so I tried to place stands clear of obvious aisles and kind of "away" from the action as much as possible.

One was in front at around 45 deg and one was in the back for some backlight also at 45 deg opposite.

9' light stands.

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