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Peter Rush October 28th, 2015 04:58 AM

Canon 7DII no AF in 1080 50p/60p is this true?
Is it true that filming 1080p either 50fps or 60fps disables continuous autofocus? It would be a huge deal breaker for me if this is the case?

Anyone care to enlighten me?

Peter Rush October 28th, 2015 05:22 AM

Re: Canon 7DII no AF in 1080 50p/60p is this true?
Ok I've answered my own question - I've read many reviews now and it seems that's the case - as it seems to go with Canon - they get it 'almost' right

The quest for my Steadicam camera continues - now looking at the GH4


Chris Harding October 28th, 2015 06:17 AM

Re: Canon 7DII no AF in 1080 50p/60p is this true?
Hi Pete

I'm using one of my FZ1000's on stedicam and perfect AF in either 50P or 4K 25P ... On my rig however due to the dual arm the light camera weigh forced me to load the sled a bit with some extra weight but it would fly pretty well on a handheld sled and only weighs under 1000g with battery! I'm not sure it 25mm is wide enough though??? The bigger sensor and choice to put a really fast lens on might make the GH4 better but why not look at the Panasonic G7 ..You can add a fast lens and it's cheaper than the GH4 but still Micro 4/3 ?? If I use the FZ1000 inside the reception and the idiots turn off all the lights for the first dance I have to use a video light and I doubt whether even a GH4 would be able to keep focus when there is just the DJ's stupid lights!!!

Hope you find something that works!!!

Steve Burkett October 28th, 2015 07:17 AM

Re: Canon 7DII no AF in 1080 50p/60p is this true?
I'd second the G7 over the GH4. For steadicam work only, any GH4s advantages for you can't really be worth the cost. Though check the auto focus is equal in both cameras. You never know with manufacturers what features they knobble to get the price down. Though I hear the fz1000 has excellent auto focus, so a good sign its on form for the G7. I rarely use auto focus on the GH4, so can't speak too much on how consistent it is.

Chris Harding October 28th, 2015 08:17 AM

Re: Canon 7DII no AF in 1080 50p/60p is this true?
Hey Steve

I have yet to have any focus issues on my B-Cam FZ running continuous focus and as you are well aware the situations at weddings can be pretty darn tricky especially in low light!! With this in mind I cannot see why Panny would change the AF system in the G7 and you have the advantage of a bigger sensor and being able to put on fast lenses which you might need at a reception during dancing. MY FZ handles even the dancing at 25P but at 50P I think the G7 would be better and you really need 50P if you are doing any fancy roundie rounds on stedicam on the dance floor or fast moves. I however wonder if the G7's AF would handle a fast lens like F1.2 with it's tiny DOF? On my cams I only go down to F2.8 so the AF might struggle with a super fast lens ...only thing is try it and see???

Steve Burkett October 28th, 2015 08:39 AM

Re: Canon 7DII no AF in 1080 50p/60p is this true?
Hi Chris,

I think when you go for a fast prime, manual focus is the way to go. Especially with 1.2. I've run auto focus on f2, but lower than that and you need to monitor focus closely and adjust as the focal margin becomes so much narrower. Some lenses like the voigtlanders are manual focus only anyway. For steadicam, I'd never go below f2 and for dance floor footage I'd just set manual focus and a high enough f stop to handle the focal range needed.
As I shoot mostly 4K the GH4s auto focus is frankly rubbish in that mode. Focus can drift for no apparent reason for a split second then return to normal. The GH4r suffers from this too, but then no claims of auto focus improvements were made with its announcement. The GH4s HD auto focus I imagine is on par with the FZ, but that's by no means certain. Auto focus differs from lens to lens, with some quicker than others, so having an inbuilt lens could potentially be an advantage in focusing speed.

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