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Peter Rush March 2nd, 2016 08:51 AM

Atomos Ninja Users?
Hi all - this is for anyone using an Atomos Ninja (preferably a Ninja Star) I want to use one of these as a backup recorder for ceremony and speeches as my A7s has only one card slot and it's making me sweat. Typically however I have to stop and start my camera at least once during these long recordings and my question is will this also stop the Ninja recording?


Jeff Pulera March 2nd, 2016 09:10 AM

Re: Atomos Ninja Users?
Hi Pete,

Atomos has been working with the camera manufacturers to have them implement new features such as using an HDMI Record Trigger, meaning when you press REC on the camera to start or stop, it would send that command to Atomos recorder over the HDMI. This is only supported on some cameras, but even then, in the Atomos setup menu, it is your choice if you want to use that feature or not.

So, if manually starting recording on Atomos, and if cameras continues to send out an HDMI signal even when you stop recording in camera, then Atomos would continue to record that HDMI signal.

Example - I have an HDV tape camera with HDMI. I can record to tape and Ninja 2 at the same time. If I stop recording to change tapes, Ninja 2 continues recording an unbroken signal as camera continues to output the live HDMI from lens/sensor.

The A7s is listed as compatible with Atomos here - Cameras | Atomos

There is also a video there showing how to configure the camera to work with Atomos. Specs say record trigger is supported over HDMI. I can't speak for the Star, but with other Atomos recorders having touch screens, the user decides if they want to use the HDMI trigger or not in setup menu options.

User guides can be downloaded here to review features/operation of various Atomos models - Support | Atomos

I'd say that to test your camera, connect HDMI to a monitor and record some video with A7s, then stop recording and see if "live" image on monitor glitches or stops. If there is no change, then Atomos will continue recording smoothly.


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