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Gino Mancusa April 26th, 2016 12:19 PM

Production Charges Advice

I'm sorry if this may be in the wrong area, but some of the threads I've read that relate more to my question are in this section.

I was hired to do a 30 second promotional spot for our dear city last year. The city department that hired me wants to know if I can send them an HD copy without any of the graphics so they can give it to the regional tourism department whom will take the video and superimpose their graphics over top to service the entire region. They are just asking, so I would like to know how I should respond.

Does this constitute another production? Should I charge for this? Any recommendations on an amount based on a percentage of the original amount.

Any advise would be welcome, thanks

Mike Watson April 26th, 2016 06:59 PM

Re: Production Charges Advice
There's a business forum where this might be better suited, but this forum gets more traffic.

I'm a softie and I'd probably just give it to them. Things that might factor into my decision would be things like were they asking for a discount and playing the "oh poor me" card, do I own the rights to everything I'd be handing out (is there stock video/music in there and what are the rights), are they an enjoyable client, will I get work from them in the future.

To hand them an HD file of the finished spot I'd do at no charge. To open the editor and strip off the graphics I'd charge a regular editing rate, probably just one hour - so $90.

You will run into a lot of conflicting attitudes I predict, but my approach would be Mr. I'd-be-happy-to-do-that-for-you and then offer to do the edit of the regional tourism spot for the regional tourism authority. It seems like they like your work and they seem like a good client to have.

Legally, if you're in the US, you (probably) own the rights to the raw video, and you (probably) don't have to give it to anyone for any reason, and can (probably) charge a hefty sum that they (probably) won't pay that would almost certainly make you look bad in your region in your industry by one of the clients with the most advertising dollars to spend.

I'd take the high road, I suspect I am one of the few.

Jeff Pulera April 27th, 2016 07:12 AM

Re: Production Charges Advice
I agree with Mike, either give it to them, or charge a small fee appropriate to the time involved to process the clip. You can't put a price on good will - you want to do more work with this client I assume. You want them to know you are reasonable and helpful in accommodating their needs. Is it worth a few bucks to alienate them and lose future business?


Jeff Pulera
Digital Vision

Gino Mancusa April 27th, 2016 10:26 AM

Re: Production Charges Advice
Thanks Jeff, thanks Mike,

I guess I tend to agree with Mike as well, I just wanted to know how the community felt about it. I like the idea, though, of offering to do the new graphics for them, after all they've got to have it done by someone. Because they are clients I'm eager to work with in the future, I'll try that approach and see what happens and then just default to the nominal fee if they don't go for it.

Thanks again!

Paul R Johnson April 27th, 2016 11:19 AM

Re: Production Charges Advice
I'd give them a license to use the material for say, 24 months - and charge them a nominal amount, commensurate with the time it really takes to do it. This gets you some income, generates goodwill, but protects you from them re-selling it to somebody else, as part of a package, perhaps. I've been bitten in the past by good deed then being picked up by an external 3rd party. Shooting talking heads, editing it up, then letting a good cause use it. They then sold it to a satellite broadcaster who removed our beginning and end, removed all our names and used it with some new material. Unlikely, but by giving them permission to use it - it sounds nice and generous, but of course retains your ownership.

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