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Danny O'Neill May 20th, 2019 05:16 AM

John Harris wedding films - UK
Does anyone know John or know whats happened?


Does John know he needs to do a bit of brand protection.

Whats odd is these brides are from 2018 but his Vimeo has vids from a wedding in 2019.

From what I can tell John was quite well established with 35 years under his belt.

In other news. Choccywoccydoodah have gone bust.

Chris Harding May 20th, 2019 07:48 AM

Re: John Harris wedding films - UK
Based on those posts Danny it seems he is taking their money and not delivering the goods. We had a big company here called Launch Films who employed freelance video guys and supposedly had a good reputation ..in November 2018 he was given a final demand for a bill of $378,000 for GST (like your VAT) that had been collected but not paid over (he obviously spent it) He ignored the demand and continued collecting deposits and even full payments from brides right up to mid April 2019 before the tax office closed him down! He had videos outstanding right back to October 2018 (all paid for but not delivered) and owed $400,000 to brides whose weddings he hadn't even shot yet!!

I certainly hope your guy is not the same sort of person .. I think they blindly continue thinking that things will magically happen and every thing will be OK ..and it never happens of course and simply makes brides very dubious of all wedding videographers. Not good for the industry at all.

Danny O'Neill May 20th, 2019 08:43 AM

Re: John Harris wedding films - UK
It could indeed be a simple case of over selling. He potentially has some cheap offerings where there is no way he can afford to pay someone else to help. He's told brides that they will get their edit in 2 weeks and then nothing. But, delivered some 2019 bride.

His main offering is filming only and then you pay for the edit. The way she brides are speaking they have just filming only so no backlog, just dump on USB and post but even those are without.

Which is what leads me to think it's either a massive scam (unlikely) or he made the fatal mistake of having no backups and now has the one harddrive with all these weddings off with a data recovery company. Just a theory. Not uncommon for the low cost, high volume studios.

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