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Peter Wallington December 9th, 2005 01:40 PM

Extended highlights from UK
Hi guys,

Having watched lots and lots of incredibly impressive videos on here mainly from you guys in the US, i thought i'd post my own from little old England so some of you pros can help me iron out the kinks.


This clip is the 9 minute highlight reel from my 3rd wedding. Whilst i frequently get told that "anything over 4 minutes is far too long for highlights" by colleagues, I stand by the opinion that as a seperate DVD entry that can be shown to friends/family who don't want to sit through the whole hour long movie but do want to see all the important parts of the day, it is a perfectly acceptable length.

(a shorter clip is available from my 2nd wedding on the videos page of my website, but it's not as good!)

Thanks in advance for your time and patience!



Peter Jefferson December 12th, 2005 06:14 AM

4 minute highlgihts?

dude, its your work and u can make it ANY length you want..

thes epeople who stick the "formulas" really need to go out and get laid..

no offense, but if u have loads of content, how much of that are you gonna chop ??

I usually do the full length featuere which could be anythignfrom 1 hour through to 5 horus depending on the job and culture, then i do a "short version" which is anythign from 10 to 40 minutes.. usually bout 10% of the full ones duration..

dont fear the what u should nad shouldnt do..
if the piece FEELS right.. do it...

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