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Andrea Lair April 6th, 2007 08:58 AM

What insurance do you have?
I think I'm going to purchase Property and Liability Insurance through R.V. Nuccio & Associates (www.rvnuccio.com). I got a pretty decent quote through them. However, they don't sell Errors and Omissions Insurance. Do you have this? Is it needed?

I also received a quote from Buell Insurance (WEVA's recommended vendor) and their rate was almost double that of RV Nuccio. Does this company have better service or do they just charge alot?

Insurance just confuses me to no end. Hopefully you all can get me through the fog. Thanks in advance!

Don Bloom April 6th, 2007 09:14 AM

I've been insured thru RVNuccio for a number of years and frankly I haven't had a problem.Of course I haven't placed a claim either so if and when it happens I could speak further on that.
As for E&O, I guess it depends on the type of work you're doing. For my weddings and my corporate work I have very tight service agreements that I paid my lawyer a lot of money to write to protect me in case a client feels that there were errors or omissions.
For most of my corporate work (not seminars - set it and forget it basically)
but for trianing type videos I have either a storyboard or a script to work off of so if there is any question we can go back to that. For wedding or other type social events again my service agreement specify's that not all event might be covered or included in the finished product-major events, yes certainly. Also it states that not all particpants in the event will necessarily be covered or included in the finished product. These statements are part of the terms and conditions of my agreements.
For seminars it doesn't matter as I'm covering all the speakers anyway.

Scott Jaco April 6th, 2007 09:17 AM

I use R.V. Nuccio & Associates for my property insurance.

I would strongly suggest incorporating your buisness before spending money on liability insurance.

This gives you a corporate shield in the event someone sues you for any damages. An S-corp or LLC avoids double taxation. Make sure that your company own zero assets. Rent your video equipment to yourself for each gig.

Having liability insurance only covers you up to a certain dollar amount, but if a judgment against you exceeds that limit, you will be responsible for paying the rest. You could lose everything you own.

As far as "error" insurance, just put in your contract that if you are unable to complete the job, you are only liable for the deposit. In my contract, I have added that I reserve the right to determine a refund amount.

Jon Omiatek April 6th, 2007 09:23 AM

Contract is the way to go. Make sure your contract states that the total liability is lmitied to the total amount of your contract. We carry equipment and liability insurance. It covers our equipment and if accidently burn down a building with our equipment, walk into traffic and cause an accident, or what not.


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