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Stuart Campbell August 23rd, 2007 04:03 AM

How to find the crash cause in 25p project
I've just digitised 4 tapes (2 of 1 hour each and 2 of about 20 minutes each) into a new 25p HDV project. Footage shot on a HD Gy200e in HDV in 25p.

As I normally do, each tape is organised into it's own bin folder. (rather irritatingly as ever Cineform Connect HD splits the footage into scene files to avoid audio sync errors, so each tape/bin folder has nearly 200 individual avi* files)

I use Cineform Connect HD to convert to Cineform Intermediate AVI for editing.

In the Vegas project window, when looking through the project media files Vegas crashes in the following ways;

Totally unexpected without warning Vegas shuts
After an error warning
Sometimes the media goes offline, then Vegas crashes
Sometimes I open a clip in Trimmer, try to play, vegas crashes
Mostly when I scroll up and down looking at the AVI thumnails in Project media, Vegas crashes

Obviously, Vegas doesn't like the footage.

Is this something to do with Vegas not liking so much HD footage at once, or has Cineform given me corrupt files somehwhere?

What is the best way of identifying where the problem is as I can't even begin to edit this corporate film before this gets sorted. On average, vegas is crashing every 2 minutes so far. As you can imagine I'm a little frustrated by this!

Machine is a Dual Pentium 2.66, 2g RAM, 2x500g RAID O HDDs

Any ideas very welcome,

Stuart Campbell August 23rd, 2007 06:01 AM

actually, anything I do with this footage crashes Vegas. Could I perhaps be looking at a HDD issue?

Stuart Campbell August 23rd, 2007 12:56 PM

I tried recreating this problem in another project with different footage with no luck. I just don't have any other projects with this much HDV material in the project media folder tho.

So I created a new project, imported the footage into the media bins and started from scratch. Same problem. This time however, my preview window fills with red when I do anything, and Vegas hangs. Force quit the only way out.

Where do I start looking to identify the cause of the problem? Shall I digitise the footage again?

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